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    HFSS Master/Slave boundary conditions: Contact maps are ambiguous execution error

    Hi all I am trying to simulate metamaterial lens (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.sna.2010.12.004) I am able to apply the master/slave boundary conditions for the 1D case. However for the 2D case, it is showing a runtime warning as: Matching boundary process might encounter unexpected conditions...
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    [SOLVED] HFSS Metamaterial Lens Simulation validation

    Hi everyone, I am trying to validate Shreiber et.al. 's paper on Metamaterial lens simulation for microwave NDE (https://doi.org/10.1016/j.sna.2010.12.004). I have attached the HFSS model I am using for the validation. I am getting the normal transmission after 5.5 GHz, but unable to get the...
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    HFSS Interpolating vs Discrete Sweep (S11 match but not S21)

    Hi everyone, I am doing a simulation of two Vivaldi antennas working from 4-8 GHz separated by a distance of 500mm with PEC cylinder in between (Screenshot attached). I want to obtain the scattering parameters for them. While interpolating sweep is giving close results to discrete sweep for...
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    HFSS CSRR simulation

    Hi everyone. While trying to verify the article on CSRR based sensor , 'Complementary Split-Ring Resonator-Loaded Microfluidic Ethanol Chemical Sensor' by Salim et. al. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5134461/) , I am not getting the correct results. I tried using both lumped...
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    [SOLVED] SMA connector modes (HFSS wave port)

    Hello everyone. If I want to simulate a SMA connected source to a microstrip fed patch, should I use lumped ports or wave ports? I am having this confusion as when I am using wave ports using sizing guidelines provided in the manual, a message is coming where it is showing that the port...
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    HFSS Wave port size in broad side coupled resonator

    Hello everyone I need to simulate a broad side coupled transmission line structure in hfss. However I can't find any reliable source of wave port size guidlines for broad side coupled lines. Do I need to fix the waveport size by seeing the port fields or is there any other solution.If anyone...
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    [SOLVED] Complementary Split Ring Resonator Design in HFSS

    Hello everyone. I am new in simulating SRR and CSRR based structures in HFSS. While trying to verify the paper "Compact Second-Order Bandstop Filter Based on Dual-Mode Complementary Split-Ring Resonator" by Ebrahimi et. al. , I was not getting proper results in S11 as well S21 values. I have...
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    Planar Resonator with Normal Electric Field Excitation

    Hello everyone. I am looking for planar resonator designs which can have an axial electric field excitation normal to the plane of the resonator. Till now I could only get Complementary Split Ring Resonators (CSSR) as the viable option. Are there any other types of planar resonators which can...
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    [SOLVED] ADS rectifier circuit efficiency and impedance matching

    Hi all, I am getting a good S11 response for a rectifier circuit (<-20db at resonating frequency) but while simulating for efficiency using hb simulations, the efficiency is coming very low. What may be the cause of the signal not being transferred from input to output side ? The same problem...
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    ADS rectifier circuit efficiency vs input power

    Hi all. I intend to see the efficiency of a rectifier circuit design in ADS. I saw that to simulate it against frequency, I can use HB simulations. But if i need to obtain the output power or the efficiency vs input power, what needs to be done. If someone can throw some light on this, it will...
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    [SOLVED] Reactive near field vs Radiating near field for Wireless Power Transfer

    Hi everyone I want to ask, does the coupling between two antennas differ in the reactive and radiative near field regions. Also I intend to ask that for reactive near field region, inductive coupling or magnetic resonant coupling by coils is better option than wireless power transfer by planar...
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    Dipole antenna impedance matching at a frequency other than the resonant frequency

    Dipole antenna impedence matching at frequency other than resonant frequency Hi all, I have a confusion regarding impedance matching. Suppose I design a planar dipole antenna for 5 GHz and 50 ohm impedance. Now if I want to use the same antenna at 1 GHz is it theoretically possible to match...
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    Inverted F antenna(S parameters in HFSS)

    Hi all, I intend to design a folded uniplanar inverted f antenna. I have done the design for 860 MHz but my results aren't coming correctly.(S11 photo attached). I have attached the hfss file too. It would be really helpful if someone could kindly look into it. - - - Updated - - - [Update] Ok...
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    [SOLVED] Wireless Power Transfer Circuit by resonant coupling in ADS ( Syntax Parser Error)

    Hi everyone. I am trying to simulate the circuit of a wireless power transfer design. I have attached the schematic and the netlist. While simulating I am getting the error : 'Error detected by hpeeofsim during netlist parsing. ADS syntax parser error in ADS netlist, line 3'. What may be the...
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    Inconsistency in power and efficiency calculation(Ansys Simplorer) for Wireless power

    Hi everyone. While generating the results for the efficiency and the power of the transmitter and receiver separately for a Wireless power transfer system, the ratio of power(i.e. efficiency) is coming inconsistent. I have posted a picture of what is going wrong. The ratio of the magnitude is...
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    Inductance of a solenoid in Ansys Maxwell (inconsistent results)

    Hi everyone. I intend to design a solenoid having the following specs : winding length(l) = 300 mm, number of turns(N) = 30 area of cross section (A) = 30*60 mm^2 core material (ferrite) relative permeability = 1000 Inductance calculated by the formula L = u*N^2*A/l is giving the value of...
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    [SOLVED] Meshing problem of helix-coil (non planar) in Ansys Maxwell

    Meshing problem of helix coil (non planar) in Ansys Maxwell Hi everyone. I am trying to simulate a non planar helix coil in Ansys Maxwell but the simulations can't go past the initial meshing step. I posted about this problem at the end in one of my earlier related post but I couldn't find the...
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    Skin effect and proximity effect simulation in Ansys Maxwell

    Hi everyone. Is it possible to simulate skin effect and proximity effect in Ansys Maxwell ?If so give some suggestions if possible. Or does it automatically take into account while simulating at high frequency ?
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    [SOLVED] Windings in Ansys Maxwell External Circuit Editor( Wireless Power Transfer)

    Hello everyone. I am modelling a wireless power transfer system using two coupled coils. For the primary I am providing an AC source in the transient analysis of Ansys Maxwell. My confusion is that, for the secondary, I am specifying the winding as external and providing a external circuit in...
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    Winding current magnitude specification in Ansys Maxwell ( Transient simulation)

    Hello everyone. I intend to design a dipole coil having the specifications : 60 turns and 120 AT . I am specifying the no of conductors as 60 in the coil terminal excitation for Ansys Maxwell transient simulation. But while adding the winding, what is the magnitude of the current I should...

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