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    why this code doesn't work

    #include<reg52.h> sbit en=P3^0; sbit rs=P3^1; sbit rw=P3^2; #define lcd P2 void delay(unsigned int ); void lcddata(unsigned char ); void lcdcmd(void); void convert(unsigned char); unsigned char mybyte; void main(void) { void lcdcmd(); T0=1; TMOD=0x06; //counter 1 mode 2 TH0=0; while(1) {...
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    a problem in keil in c

    hi, iam a beginner in c programming , when i type this simple code on keil i found about 15 errors . here is my code and also here is a list with the types of errors. code: #include<reg52.h> void delay(unsigned int) void main(void) { P2=0X55; delay(250); P2=0xAA; delay(250); } void...
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    gsm\gprs modem problem

    i have connected my gsm modem with computer using hyper-terminal but here is a problem on windows xp the hyper-terminal when i opened the window when i try to write any command there is no letters wrote on screen.. i.e; if i try to write any thing the screen is white always , so i try another xp...
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    8051 controller always hangs up after power on

    i have already set up my project but the controller always hang up after power on , why it's hang up , and what is the resources affects on 8051 to hang it up???? and how can i solve this problem?????
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    8051 controller asm problem

    hi , sorry for my English i have connected my project (8051 interface with keypad), the keypad output is in decimal, so by example (if i write 800 using keypad)i want to take this number and then subtract this number from (65535) and then load the counter (TH0 , TL0) with the output result from...
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    8051 increment problem

    how to increment six digits in 8051 ???? by example if i have 123456 (how can i increment the first number "6" to reach to 9 and then became "0" and became 123460 and so on for all numbers)
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    photoresistor problem

    hi, sorry for my English i want a circuit implementation for a pnp phototransistor note:i am a beginner in this field so i need all components , i prefer a circuit schematic for this circuit. please help me in short time.
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    problem with rtc ds1307 and 8051

    hi,,,,,,,,,,,,,sorry for my English. i have a big problem i have build up my project (connect the 89s52 with ds1307) but am facing a big problem , and i am sure of firmware but there is a problem in hardware and i can't determine it , i see a strange thing when i connect the battery i found...
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    problem in reset circuit for 89s52

    hi,.....sorry for my English i have build up my own project but there is a problem, always when i power up my circuit the controller doesn't work from the first time it needs a reset button and it hang up more times i don't know why it's hang up i change the controller with another but the...
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    single phase motor rotation

    hello, sorry for my English i have an ac single phase motor and it turns cw and i want to change it's rotation to rotate ccw all the time , so if there is a way to change it's rotation. please answer me in short time.
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    connecting tip122 with dc 5volt motor with 8051

    hi, sorry for my English i want to control in DC 5 volt motor so i connected it with tip122 and a micro controller to set the base of transistor to became a switch , but the motors doesn't work here is my circuit i want to know if i connect the tip in right way or in wrong way , please help my...
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    interfacing 8051 with gsm modem

    hi,sorry for my English i want to interface gsm modem with 8051 using serial communication , but first i want to know if (GPRS/GSM-Modem SINAUT MD720-3) must connect first to rs232 circuit or it has already inside it a rs232 circuit because on websites i read that not all modems needs to rs232...
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    ds1307 problem with 8051

    hi, i have build my own program (interfacing 8051 with ds1307) but i want to do this steps: lets say that the day now is 21/5/2011 so i want from ds1307 to get the micro controller a pulse output from rtc after 3 days i.e: at day 24 i want to get pulse from rtc how can i do it using square...
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    i have solved my second problem by my self so any one want it ,, it's free to get it

    first sorry for my English language. from start, i was making a balance robot circuit using 555 ic , and we all know that it's available on a lot of websites but this circuit need a servo motor (3 terminals), but i can't find this motor so i decided to build this circuit and design it again...
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    keil problem with serial eeprom

    hi , sorry for my English..... i have already build my own firmware for interfacing serial eeprom with 8051 but am facing i problem and i can't know it , i made the HEX file but on simulation if i store (ex:#05h) the out put then after storing this reading inside the eeprom and read it again...
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    8051 to atmega code converter

    i have already established my assembly code using 8051 , but i need to convert it to work on atmega uc , can i do this ????
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    Can I construct the 89SXX ISP Programmer using USB to Serial converter cable ?

    Can I construct the 89SXX ISP Programmer using USB to Serial converter cable and program the uC using the USB port? i know that the FT232RL chip already exist inside the serial converter cable to usb but i need the schematic diagram for this circuit .
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    facing a problem in assembly code at interfacing 8051 atmel with serial epprom 25c040

    first sorry for my English language ,,,,,,, i have already connect my circuit which consists of (LCD,8051,25C040) and i get the code from a web site but i can't understand all of subroutines such as(out_com , ackpol ) please i need help yo understand this code and this is the code ...
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    [SOLVED] problem facing me in 89 series programmer -atmel-

    i made a 89 series programmer for sunrom , but i face a problem , the (proload ) read the programmer but it didn't erasing , i want to know what is the problem i gussied that the problem in the zinner (5.6 , 12 v) but please i wanna to know what is the voltage in the nomial case befrore erasing...

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