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    Transistor direct replacements: 2N3440 and 2N5415

    Am trying to find direct replacements for the 2N3440 and 2N5415 TO39 cased transistors to use in an update of an old design. Both of these are now appearing as 'obsolete' from suppliers and Ebay isn't an option! Either TO39 or Plastic cased flat-pack types will be suitable as a new PCB is being...
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    Wideband 1Mohm to 50ohm unity gain Amplifier circuit

    Am looking for a circuit to match a X10 Oscilloscope Probe with a 1Mohm input into a 50 Ohm Analyser, Scope, or similar, input; with a separate DC Power supply. Gain ideally needs to be 0 dB, max output +10dBm/50R, with a bandwidth of 100Hz to above 100MHz (-3dB points) and able to be built to...
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    [SOLVED] Radford Low Distortion Oscillator Series 2 - schematics

    Looking for schematics for this Radford Series 2 Low Distortion Oscillator or any other assistance in restoring this to full working order please. It is a Hybrid design of some age but well worth restoration. Shown below a pic of the front of this and the output waveform showing some asymetric...
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    Solartron User, Service and Calibration Manuals for types: SI 1220 and 1310

    Am looking for Service and Calibration Manuals for two types of Schlumberger Solartron Instruments, preferably in pdf format please. The first is a Solartron SI 1220 FFT Spectrum Analyser, with 4 inputs and a tracking generator. Additional to the Service and Calibration info, I'm also in need...

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