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    Question on 75 ohms system with 50 ohms test equipment

    All the relations and definitions hold except that the characteristic impedance is different (0 dBm, etc.) To use 50 ohm equipment on 75 ohm DUTs, you (obviously) will have a serious mismatch problem. Using just attenuator pads is one way because it simply attenuates the reflections away -...
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    Does characterization of Transmission lines need buffers

    BER is a purely digital test that doesn't really pay attention to analog subtleties like impedance match or reflection coefficients like an analog microwave application would worry about. The "quality" of the transmission line would be determined by the BER rather than some physically object...
  3. J

    Does characterization of Transmission lines need buffers

    If the characterization is digital BER, then it makes sense. It's not how you'd do it for analog applications or bleeding edge digital (which is actually analog).
  4. J

    Does there is a Klystron for VHF & UHF??

    Work horse at those frequencies back in the 1950s and 1960s. Look for vintage products or legacy replacement product companies. Varian used to dominate back then.
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    How to use a bolometer to measure power?

    Re: bolometer and use? Bolometers are usually incorporated into power meters and you don't have to really worry too much on the details. This is especially true with the advent of low cost USB power meters. Basically any situation where you'd want to measure microwave power, you'd use one...
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    Material Measurement Software: does anyone have one?

    First: s-parameters are linear model parameters. Many materials have non-linear dc or ac bias dependencies. E.g. if your stimulus power is too high and you have such non-linearities, you'll get strange s-parameter values that aren't real. Second: I guessing your extraction is for a simple...

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