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  1. neetinsingh

    fan-out fixing with higher drivver cell

    fan out fixing ???? how fanout is met by replacing the cell with a higher driver cell?
  2. neetinsingh

    transition time reduction???

    How transition time get reduced after inserting buffer at the driving pin of the cell?
  3. neetinsingh

    Read Margin violation of RAm

    Hi I am doing top level MBIST pattern generation and simulation for a modlue . While pattern simulation i am gettin Read margine violation for the RAM but my simulation is passing. I think it might be due to the clock frequency going in to the RAM. I want to know what is the effect of this...
  4. neetinsingh

    TLM (TAP Linking Module)

    tap linking module Hi Can any body upload some material explaining the funtioning of TLM used in JTAG.
  5. neetinsingh

    How to trace UO faults in Mentor's DFTVisualizer

    dftvisualizer hi i had currently started working on the Mentors Fastscan and its supporting tool. can anyone tell how to trace the cause of UO(unobservable fault). should i forwrd trace it or backtrace it????????????
  6. neetinsingh

    how to design an odd or fractional frequency divider?

    how to design an odd or fractional frequency divider having 50% duty cycle??? divide by 1.5 , 2.5 , 3,5 and divide by 3 , 5 , 7
  7. neetinsingh

    software reset & hardware reset???????

    wht is software reset and hardware reset???????????:D:D:D
  8. neetinsingh

    Address scarmbling?????

    What is address scrambling in memories???????
  9. neetinsingh

    Data retention test...........

    What is data retention test in memories and why its being performend?????????
  10. neetinsingh

    embedded memory and embedded core??????????

    what is embedded memory and embedded core in a SoC????////
  11. neetinsingh

    analog ASIC & digital ASIC

    is there anything like analog asic and digital asic???? if yes than whts the difference.............
  12. neetinsingh

    equivalent gate count?????

    what does equivalent gate count mean???? can any one eloberate it.............
  13. neetinsingh

    urgently required "PERL : FAQs and interview Questions&

    does any one have some material related to "PERL : FAQs and interview Questions" please upload it.............. Regards Neetin
  14. neetinsingh

    revival and recovery time?

    what is revival and recovery time in digital ckt? if u have some doc explaing it please upload it............
  15. neetinsingh

    need following IEEE paper

    Analog DFT using an undersampling technique by Mason, R. Ma, S . Carleton Univ., Ottawa, Ont.
  16. neetinsingh

    Looking for materials about DFT implementations for analog chips

    hi Please upload some material related to DFT implementations for Analog Chips........
  17. neetinsingh

    Question about FET and BJT acting as an amplifier

    In FET, in saturation region it acts as amplifier and where as in BJT, in active region it acts as amplifier. Why?
  18. neetinsingh

    Looking for materials regarding Analog BIST

    hi please upload some link or files related Analog BIST......
  19. neetinsingh

    following book required

    digital systems testing abramovici rapidshare hey if have someone have " Digital system testing and testable design by ABRAMOVICI (MIRON), BREUER (MELVIN A), FRIEDMAN (ARTHUR)" in PDF format or know some link from where it can be Download it for free please let me know.
  20. neetinsingh

    why we mostly use capacitance at the output of circuit?

    why we mostly use capacitance at the output of circuit for measuring it characterstic. wht will be difference if we use resistance or inductance instead of it........l

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