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    conversion hex to bcd

    in that program 16 bit hex convert to bcd. I dont know the algorithm exactly but the result is right every time.if you have any problem you can ask me...
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    programming AT89C51 - how to add extra I/Qports?

    programming AT89C51 thanks I'm going to look... Added after 4 hours 25 minutes: I will expand I/O ports via lacth or buffer not shift register or other components...
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    programming AT89C51 - how to add extra I/Qports?

    programming AT89C51 I use latch(74ls373) and buffer(74ls540). cause ı want extra ınput ports for AT89C51. the question in here how can I add external I/Q ports to the system which is based 8051.
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    programming AT89C51 - how to add extra I/Qports?

    programming AT89C51 hi everyone, I wanna design a project which is about 8051 mikroprocessor.in this system how can I add extra I/Q ports with using latch and/or buffer.I use at89c51. I simulate it with proteus. can you help me about pin connections...
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    spiral supernec I made archimedean spiral antenna but I cant see radiation patterns and near fields. probably it because of antenna feed(source) and maybe because of the load... maybe you can check it out.I will wait your reply... Thanks too much
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    how can ı sımulate rectangular spiral ante

    dear anyone, ıs there anyone who can solve thıs problem...? are there any calculations about rectangular spiral antenna or can I find any example ın supernec (structure or antenna menu) maybe ı have sımulate ıt with using wires (one by one)...? thanks
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    spiral supernec sorry for disturbing you but ı am a student ın electronical engineering. And my homework is about spiral antenna.I have to use supernec program for simulating it. I have to do parabolic reflektor antenna but its feed must be come from rectangular spiral antenna. I m a little...

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