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    What is the difference between JFET and MOSFET?

    jfet and mosfet i think this web is hopeful for u: **broken link removed**
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    How to do OK=(IN==OUT)?1:0; in Matlab?

    i think this work: if IN and OUT are simple variable use: ok=(IN==OUT);or ok=(!(IN==OUT)); this assign 0 or 1 to 'ok'. for other numbers do mathematical operation for example ok=3*((IN==OUT)+2); assign 6 or 9 to 'ok'. make sure thet if IN and OUT are array for each entry matlab return a boolean...
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    [Matlab] How to draw a line in plot?

    plot line matlab no line function is neccessary. plot byitself make an linear interpolation between points so only try plot([x1,x2],[y1,y2]).
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    What's the difference between the voltage regulators and zener diodes?

    Regulators vs. Zener using Zener or regulator is depend on your application. when you want a voltage around a fix voltage (for example you want 6.2 volt but can alter event to 6.8 ) and limited current Zener is good and chip. but regulator because of their feedback charecteristic fix the...
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    Less than 50% duty cycle in two square waves shifted by 180°

    50% duty cycle "Lord Loth" is right but i think the reason of being two mosfets on is because of the current of an inductor cannot goes zero quickly!
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    What does ad hoc network mean?

    ad hoc network the book salem_sajid has suggested is about wireless communication is there any book which has consider ad hoc in more details?
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    How to display the AC sine wave on the Pspice simulation ?

    Why don't you use VSIN in source.lib library? VAC isnot currect it is for frequency response....
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    why waves can travel in both diretions in a transmition line

    this is because of transmition line charectristics.if you write the equation of wave in a line (V an I is decompose to V+ which goes in +z an V- which goes in -z direction) you see that V- is not zero becuse of ohm relation between I and V in a line so the wave goes in 2 direction.
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    What is the OPAMP and how is it used?

    What is the OPAMP? see this site www.electronic-circuits-diagrams.com Opamp(operational amplifier) very useful electronic device.but connot desplay it full here!

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