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    A quick NAND question

    in power dissipation i think the second one will dissipate more compared to the first one because it always connected to vdd so there must be always a minimam level of power dissipation even when the input is zero.
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    vhdl design example ,, i need your help

    tip : don't take vhdl programming as normal programming , try to consider it such a way that every line execute parallel (not one ins after another)
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    Need IC to store old state

    the second circuit that you have given might work it depend on the timing of the components.what i mean is that the flipflop input required to be present for some delay before the clock arrive inorder to work correctly.here the clock is fed from the xor.the only time delay between the input and...
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    selecting a power mosfet

    ALLDATASHEET.COM - Datasheet search site, Datasheet search site for Electronic Components and Semiconductors and other semiconductors.
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    random number gernerator using pic 16 f877

    i think this thread belongs to embedded segment.if you post this there, probability of getting the right solution will be higher (because embedded masters mostly visit that section )
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    Sound recognition desktop fan

    you just increased the impedance level to the second transistor input there by only high amplitude voice can drives the transistor to higher level.so the circuit respond only to higher voice like clap.
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    [SOLVED] 1.4 seconds tp. 555 timer

    verify the connection using this circuit
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    [SOLVED] Problem with arduino circuit voltage

    drivers are just circuit which help to connect between two different impedance circuit by neglecting loading problem.for simplicity if i m using a voltage divider using res r1 and r2( connected in series) and i want to draw the voltage across the res r2 to another resistor r3, if i connect this...
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    [SOLVED] Active Devices & Passive Devices

    so many textbooks are mentioning it............ it is not my personal definition by definition passive elements can't alter a signal but diode alter the signal so it is an active device.
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    [SOLVED] Active Devices & Passive Devices

    diode is an active device because it can alter the signal.it respond differently for positive and negative voltages.but a passive elements like resistor responds same for both positive and negative voltage levels, and it can't alter a signal.
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    relation between energy and frequency

    higher frequencies have higher energy level compared to lower frequencies.so higher frequencies can sustain for long distances compared to lower frequencies.so high frequencies used to transmit signals.you have to give more energy to transmit 1ghz compared to that of 100mhz.but 1ghz have less...
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    Help network cct design

    Kirchhoff's current law (KCL) and Kirchhoff's voltage law (KVL) will help you.if you have the circuit i can help you to solve it.
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    Similar to Potentiometer

    if your circuit contain low impedance level circuit elements compared to the impedance level of the potentiometer then try to use driver circuits for further qns you can ask me.
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    [SOLVED] Problem with arduino circuit voltage

    you are mentioning about the loading problem.do one thing build a comparator circuit using op amp whose saturation values at 0V and 5V.one thing you should always remember dont use digital circuit element to drive high current values always try to use drivers , it will be a good practice.you can...
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    [SOLVED] Offset null circuit question

    op amp can be used for various circuit.the null circuit used is depends upon your circuit necessaries.for example if you want to build a comparator which compares the voltage in the input pins then the op amp gives only two saturation levels,so you dont need to set the offset voltage.so you can...

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