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    i am new to PIC. i need u to assist me in learning this

    thanks to everyone. I'll try every to follow guides to basic or mikroc. I jst downloaded the compiler, hoping to get a nice programmer
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    hex code for scrolling message

    hi pranam77, thanks for your response. i have been to that site, i got the hardware settings but my problem is coding it. how do i go about write its code or programming it to display my message. my message is Thank you for coming.
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    [SOLVED] Traffic light system for crossroads and T junctions

    Hi everybody, I need someone to assist me on this project of mine. I am to design a Traffic light system for cross roads and a T junction respectively. i need some to assist me with a schematic diagram. i think this will surely assist me. :D :idea:
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    hex code for scrolling message

    Attiny90s2313 I am new to programming AVR. i just downloaded the Ponyprog software. i need someone to put me through the programming attempt. my project is a scrolling message using matrix display of 16display of 5x7 dot matrix
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    i am new to PIC. i need u to assist me in learning this

    new to PIC Hello guys, i am new to PIC. i need u to assist me in learning this.

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