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    Explanation of OFDMA spectrum scope

    Hi, I'm currently doing some research in OFDMA. When analyzing results of OFDM and OFDMA, I usually see the same figure I have attached below in most materials. I don't really understand what that result shows. Could anyone explain to me what information this spectrum scope offers. I appreciate...
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    ofdm vs ofdma & ofdma matlab code simulation.

    Hello Rajendra, Please did you get any breakthrough with moving OFDM to OFDMA?I'm in the same position with a project at the moment.Please let me know if you have any thing that can assist me.Thanks.
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    simulating Multiple access (OFDMA) in Matlab Simulink

    Hello everyone, I'm new to using MATLAB but I currently need to use it to simulate OFDMA performance using Simulink.Can anyone please guide me on any books or resources that can take me from the basics I need to being able to achieve this. I'll appreciate all the assistance. Thanks
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    Assembler not found error when compiling .asm file to .hex file in M-IDE Studio

    Re: assembler not found. thanks Shamik......that solved my problem
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    Assembler not found error when compiling .asm file to .hex file in M-IDE Studio

    Hi, Please i tried compiling my .asm file to a .hex file using M-IDE studio and it says assembler not found.i don't know what that means.Please if you know what to do,let me know.I appreciate help.
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    topwin2005+ programmer

    can i get anyone's opinion on how reliable the wellon VP-290 universal programmer is?and if you don't rate it highly can you suggest a better one?thanks
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    circuit for digital display

    Hi, Does anyone have a circuit diagram for a good digital LED display.The one i'm used to incorporates Atmel89S52 with 74374 decoders.I'm looking for something that can give a more solid effect.Will be glad to hear your opinions.
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    topwin2005+ programmer

    thanks bassa..........
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    topwin2005+ programmer

    Please does anyone know a site or location where i can find and buy the topwin2005+ universal programmer
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    serial communication of PIC 16F877A with pc serial port

    Thanks for the tip guys....i'll note that.but please i just developed one small hitch.i noticed my c program on mikroC only compiles when i set the clock to 8MHZ.i have tried 4,16,20..it just won't compile.pls does anyone have an idea why that is happening?i appreciate the help.
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    [SOLVED] PIC16F877A basic LED-BLINKING circuit

    hi, Please what exactly are u referring to as configuration bits?
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    serial communication of PIC 16F877A with pc serial port

    I don't have a concise circuit.but this link is just the idea of what i am trying to do.the virtual terminal sort of replaces the bluetooth module.i ran it on proteus and it worked fine.but i am having problems with getting the correct thing on the building.i'll appreciate any help.thanks
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    serial communication of PIC 16F877A with pc serial port

    Hi, Please i am doing a similar project only i am using PIC16f877A to connect to a bluetooth-enabled system over an RN 41 bluetooth module.i have three LM 35 sensors connected to the PIC and the PIC is meant to transmit the values it is receiving over the bluetooth to the PC.the problem is i...
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    interfacing RN 41 bluetooth to PIC

    Hi, Please i am in desperate need of a circuit diagram that illustrates interfacing RN 41 bluetooth module to a PIC microcontroller.would really appreciate your help.
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    RN 41 bluetooth module

    Please has anyone used the RN 41 bluetooth?i don't know how to go about the soldering of the pins.the module doesn't seem to have teeth to solder on.i really don't know how to go about it.any ideas please.thanks
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    temperature logging with PIC16F877A

    hi, Please i need help with a code for a temperature logging system.i have three LM35 sensors and i want the three of them connected to the PIC16F877A and then sending their values to the transmit pin(TX) of the PIC only when the temperature of any one changes.i'm using c language with the...

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