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    HFSS field calculator - solving field integrals

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the field calculator in HFSS. I want to integrate Ez*exp(-jbx) along an x-orientated line. Ez is the z-component of the electric field. I managed to integrate Ez along the line. But how do I include the phase term exp(-jbx), which is also depends on...
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    How to set in HFSS to get the normalized radiation pattern?

    Re: How to set in HFSS to get the normalized radiation patte Hello everyone, I just stumbled upon this thread and was wondering if the gain conversion to decibels using GainTotal and the function dB is actually correct. The function dB calculates 20*log10(QUANTITY). However, since GainTotal...
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    Nonlinear Materials in HFSS10

    Hello everyone, does anyone know if it is possible to simulate nonlinear effects with HFSS10 although it is a frequency domain solver? I.e. nonliear dielectric materials where the dielectric constant is a function of the electric (or magnetic) field strength. Does anyone have any experience...
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    Radiation patterns in HFSS with multiple ports

    Hello everyone, I have an antenna structure with multiple lumped ports (alltogether 6). I want to plot the radiation patterns with all the ports feeding the structure. The problem is that HFSS only plots the radiation patterns when one port is excited. How do I change that? Any help would be...
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    GainPhi, GainTheta, rEPhi, rETheta

    gainphi gaintheta Hello everyone, does someone know how GainPhi and GainTheta are calculated (roughly)? I want to determine the electrical field strength (in dBi) for both cross- and co-polarization for all three planes of different antenna designs. Any help is appreciated.
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    Saving results in HFSS 9.2

    Hello everyone, does anyone know how to save plots, so that hfsS doesn't recalcualtae all plots when the saved design is loaded again? Any help is appreciated!

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