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    Calculate dynamic power at fmax in Quartus

    Dear All, Why dynamic power after compilation equal to zero, any idea how can I calculate dynamic power at max freq in Quartus? Thanks
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    Calculate fmax for Altera design

    Can you give me some examples for my code to going on? Regards - - - Updated - - - If I have a signal connected the output of a component with the input of register file, In one of state I want to disconnect this signal then what's the value that will assigned to this signal in this...
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    Calculate fmax for Altera design

    Ok, let me explain more, my design is implementation for the following equation: for(i = 1; i < 5; i++) { T += ( ((Rv[i] - Ru[i]))^2 + ((Iv[i] - Iu[i]))^2 ) } assume the following: 1. use 4 add-sub, 2 squarer, and eight 21-bit register file(parallel input/output) . 2. finished all...
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    Calculate fmax for Altera design

    Dear All, After I finished my design compilation on Quartus, I get multiple result for fmax as shown below. I want to know, what does it means? and How can I calculate the fmax of the all design?. Regards
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    verify functionality and calculate fmax for Altera IP

    How can I get the fmax for a IP block created from Quartus Megafunction(such as lpm_add_sub)? also if there is a way to verify operation instead of writing test bench. Note: I created lpm_add_sub block and started compilation, but I found "No paths to report" at fmax summary, I don't know the...
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    As-soon-as-possible (ASAP) and As-late-as-possible (ALAP) scheduling

    I have a confused in this question, Can any one give me an equation(additions and multiplications) where the max. clock cycles needed (given by ALAP schedule) should exceed the min. number of clock cycles needed (given by ASAP schedule ) by no less than 3 cycles. Thanks
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    RISC and CISC Architecture

    Does RISC architecture CPUs have registers larger than CISC architecture CPUs?Is it always? Thanks
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    Find maximum frequency at quartus

    I want to know the different (meaning) between the following two parts and how can I find them in quartus through timing analysis i. The maximum internal clock frequency (clock for registered operation). ii. The maximum frequency of variation of the input data. Thanks
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    How to create vwf file from modelsim

    Thanks Kevin. But if I want to simulate and create .vwf and wlf simulation files, which tool must be use instead of using modelsim to achieve that?
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    How to create vwf file from modelsim

    After I write my VHDL code in Quartus and compiled it, I want to verify the proper operation of my code and create .vwf simulation file. How can I simulate and create .vwf file from modelsim?...please help Thanks

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