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    Reflectarray CST simulation

    Dear all, I want to simulate a reflectarray in CST2008. In Tsolver, when i use a horn as feed, the results are not valid. In I-solver the simulation do not converge (horn or ff-source)! and in F-solver a plane-wave source lead in RCS, only! Would you please help me?!
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    m-file to produce a Peano-Gosper curve in MATLAB

    Peano-Gosper Curve Dear all, I need a m-file to produce a Peano-Gosper curve,belongs to fractals, in MATLAB. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Best
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    Need paper - Circular phased array development for ...

    electronic scanning Dear all, I need the paper titled:"circular phased array development for electronic scanning of an endfire beam", by:Stanford, Gary G. and Westfield, JR Patrick. yours.
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    several farfield sources in CST 2008

    farfield sources cst Dear All, I need to simulate a multi-feed offset refelctor antenna. How can i introduce several farfield sources for IE solver, simultaneously?! is it possible? Yours.
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    Looking for info information about dual-polarized dipole antenna

    Hi to all, I need some information about "dual-polarized dipole antenna". I'll be wait for any reply to this topic. thanks.
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    Need help with wideband dipole array with 4:1 ratio

    Hi to all, I have a class project about "wideband dipole array" of ratio 4:1. I'll be happy if anyone help me! thanks.
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    How to simulate a CPW antenna in CST Microwave Studio?

    hi dears, if anyone knows how can i simulate an antenna (cpw-fed with ground plane) ic CST Microwave studio, please answer me. yours
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    How to see the plot of current distribution on strip in HFSS

    HFSS problem Hi, anyone know how i can see the plot(curve) of current distribution on a strip(for example a microstrip line) in HFSS? thanks
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    NEED Microwave Journal's PAPER

    Hi dears, i need the next (old) paper. waiting for your help. 1. K. L. Walton and V. C. Sundberg,"broadband ridged horn design," Microwave Journal, pp. 96-101,1964.
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    Looking for papers about double ridged horn design

    Hi dear friends, I need below mentioned papers about "double ridged horn design"; these pspers are very important for me. waiting for your help. papers: 1. K. L. Walton and V. C. Sundberg,"broadband ridged horn design," Microwave Journal, pp. 96-101,1964. 2. S. B. Cohn,"properties of ridge...
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    Info on double-ridged waveguide horn with circular aperture

    DRH hi dear friends! i'm looking for some infomation about "double-ridged waveguide horn with circular aperture". anyone can help me? thanks! regards.
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    Looking for source for Finite Integration Technique

    NMinEM dear all, i'm intrested in numerical methods in electromagnetic. looking for a source for "FIT (finite integration technique)". whether you know an UWB Antenna simulated by FIT method? waiting for your reply. best regards.
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    What is the best method for simulation of UWB Antenna?

    UWB Antenna hi, I'm looking for best method for simulation of "UWB Antenna" including several patchs on a thick substrate and 2 coaxial feed line,except FDTD. whether FIT method is suitable for this? regards.
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    Looking for references on FIT method

    FIT method hi, i'm looking for some references about "finite integration technique (FIT)". who one can help me? regards.
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    The advantages of hairpin-line filter

    filter what is the advantages of hairpin-line filter to the parallel-coupled or interdigital filters?
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    Whats the best book about FEM and specially vector FEM?

    Re: FEM Hi, what's the name of the best book about FEM and specially vector FEM? Added after 2 minutes: Hi, I suggest you "the finite element methods in electromagnetics" by Jianming Jin.
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    Whats the Strratton-Chu equations and theorem?

    question hello, what's the Strratton-Chu equations and theorem?
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    The structure and parameters of UWBA antenna

    UWBA Hi, I'm looking for the newer UWB antenna. who know about the structure and other parameters of this antenna? Hi.
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    Whats the best book about UWB antenna?

    UWB Hi, what's the best book for UWB antenna?
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    Question about solving a MFIE by MoM method in 2D case

    question hi, why in solving a MFIE by MOM method in 2D case the cylinder cross section should be closed?

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