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    How does ground loop voltage change with ground loop impedance?

    How does ground loop voltage changes with ground loop impedance Hi, I have a question about ground loops. One thing I don't understand is how an "isolation" resistor can eliminate ground loop problems. Take the following setup: If a certain voltage (Vg) is induced in the ground loop (for...
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    Feedback in compensated three stage amplifier

    Hi, Lately I'm reading a book on (audio) amplifier design. I have some questions about the Miller capacitor in the attached schematic. From this audio book I read: "The global (overall) feedback factor at low frequencies is sufficient to linearise the VAS, while at high frequencies shunt...
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    Current path Miller capacitor in amplifier

    Hi I have a question about the Miller capacitor in the attached schematic of an audio amplifier. I read from a book on audio amplifiers "At higher frequencies, virtually all of the signal current from the LTP (differential input pair) flows through C1". My question is: Where does this signal...
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    Output voltage swing of Voltage amplification stage

    Hi, I have a question about the voltage amplification stage of an (audio) amplifier. I just took this attached schematic as an example. The VAS transistor Q4 is driven by the output current from the input pair. It is said the VAS (Voltage Amplification Stage) is a transimpedance stage...
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    How to choose bias resistors for long tailed pair

    Hi all, I have the following schematic attached of an AC-coupled differential pair. I would like to know how to choose the right value of the base DC bias resistors (Rb)? Many times I see values used between 10K - 100K. What factors decide how we should choose the value of these resistors...
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    [General] Logic HIGH on digital input?

    Hi all. At the moment I'm working on a simple LED indicator (up/down) for a motor controller. It has to indicate if the motor is going in one direction or the other. On the controller there is a control port (D-SUB9) and a switch is connected through a three wire cable to this control port to...
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    Non-stable quiescent output voltage hall sensor

    Hi all. At the moment I'm experimenting with a ratiometric hall sensor (TL173C) and a permanent magnet. The problem is my quiescent output voltage doesn't return to the same voltage (0.5 x Vsupply) after removing the magnet. Especially with a change in magnet orientation (N ---S) the quiescent...

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