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    Fuzzy min-max algorithm

    Hi Can some one help in implementing algorithm for Fuzzy min-max pattern recognition in MATLAB.
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    to receive data from terminal in MATLAB GUI

    I have created a GUI in MATLAB to send and receive data from a terminal but am able to send the data to the terminal but not able to receive any data from terminal when it is sending something pls help me in receiving data.
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    serial port communication

    Hello all I want to send some data on to a terminal in another PC using some code in MATLAB and want to receive the data from the terminal using serial port communication and I just want some code and please any one help in that ASAP.
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    lm385 in orcad seeking another

    please some one tell me why am getting the error to connect more than one connection at the transistors emitter and at LM385 as in the fig. the following is the error generated .INC "..\SCHEMATIC1.net" **** INCLUDING SCHEMATIC1.net **** * source LM3588 R_R1 0 N03080 120k R_R2...
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    [MOVED]convergence problem in transient analysis

    **** 11/02/11 05:32:20 ******* PSpice 10.0.0 (Jan 2003) ******* ID# 1111111111 ** Profile: "SCHEMATIC1-gener1" [ D:\for ORCAD\_circuits\Igenerator-PSpiceFiles\SCHEMATIC1\gener1.sim ] **** CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION...
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    Node voltage 0 with Vdc

    i have connect 2.5Vdc to a node and -ve terminal to gnd but at the +ve end am getting 0V and some current after simulation.
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    with variable resistance

    when ever i place a RTD or variable resistance in the circuit in orcad 10.0 how can i plot the fraph for variable resistance and the out put i get eaither voltage or current.
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    voltage marking issue

    i have enabeled the bias voltage display but the voltages at different nodes are not getting displayed.
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    for a subtractor with sine wave

    *Analysis directives: .AC DEC 1 0 20k ----------$ ERROR -- Invalid value .PROBE V(alias(*)) I(alias(*)) W(alias(*)) D(alias(*)) NOISE(alias(*)) .INC "..\SCHEMATIC1.net" pls reply as soon as possible for the above error
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    Can I run OrCAD version 10.0 on Windows 7?

    will it be able to run OrCAD version 10.0 on windows7
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    [SOLVED] floating node error for my circuit

    for the circuit attached above am getting the below error this is my first circuit please help me to simulate Pspice files using OrCAD 10.0 **** INCLUDING SCHEMATIC1.net **** * source DEMO4 R_R1 N00167 N00174 1k R_R2 N00174 GND 1k V_V2 N00167 GND +SIN 0 2V 10k...

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