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    How to define SNR of tonal component?

    How do we define the SNR of a sinusoid, when the bandwidth of interest is of the order of a few kHz? Is it possible to measure using FFT techniques? Or for a real world signal, using a DSA?
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    need to write a simple code in Matlab

    wn = [0.4 0.6]; b = fir1(10,wn); y = filter(b,1,signal to be filtered); Try this out....
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    How to go about a pulsed-sinusoid power measurement?

    Hello, i want to know how to go about a pulsed-sinusoid power measurement. Any body has any idea? I tried using a Agilent DSA. but the values changed with every parameter change. So go to get a consistent accurate measurement?
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    Which tool and language to use for complex logic in Altera FPGA?

    Hi.. I'm planning to put a complex logic in Altera FPGA. But to go about it, which tool should i use? VHDL or Verilog? How do we compare these with ref to ALtera device?

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