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    what is the different between cdma and wcdma

    difference between cdma&wcdma planning for WCDMA and CDMA is a complex process as u must take coverage and capacity into account in an interative process. most BTS vendors have tools to calculate this, if u want a simplistic "coverage only" approach u can prepare link budgets (one for each...
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    what is the different between cdma and wcdma

    what is wcdma CDMA uses 1.25 MHz carrier bandwidth WCDMa uses 5 MHz carrier bandwidth the difference would be in the system capacity which is uch better in WCDMA than in CDMA if u're comparing the same services. However this capacity enhancement is also used to provide higher data rat services...
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    New to pic programming..

    I would suggest to get a breadboard, a programmer and start with some simple code. i haven't found any useful similators for the PIc, for the AVR it is integrated itn he design suite AVR studio and it's very good
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    an IP can not have more than two account?

    is this a question related to the EDAboard.com forum? If yes, I don't think so, u can create several user accounts
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    How does CDMA communication standard provides jamming immune

    Re: Jamming in Cdma Jamming immunity is provided against other narrowband signal interfereing in the same bandwidth, because the spreading code is multiplied by the received signal, all interference is flattened and the wanted signal is amplified. however, the system is interference limited...
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    sliding text on LED display with uVision 2

    Re: moving display on led there are many similar project on the forum for moving led display, try to have a look on the c code and I am sure u can port it to your compiler. try searching the forum for moving led matrix display BR
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    Re: SMD soldering techniques can someone share their list of useful tools for SMD soldering
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    12VDC / 220VAC 100Watt inverter

    12v dc to 220v ac inverter circuit will this work from a car plug adapter or are there limitations on the required input current? Thanks
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    PIC development board, DIY

    Suggestion: - Add a general purpose amplifier chip (74001) that can be used to drive a stepper motor or some really bright leds. - a buzzer on board that can be connected to an IO pin with a wire or a jumper is useful also - an on-board 4x4 keypad is useful, but if you don't have the space, you...
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    What is the best book for learning PIC and where to get it?

    Re: newbie to pic Hello, A good book on embedded design in general is "Embedded C" by Michael J pont. Another book is "PIC Microcontroller project book" and "Mike Predko guide to the PIC" I think you can find all these books in the upload/dowload section on this forum. For PIC Chip numbers...
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    schemetic diagram of sms on telephone line

    ephone 23 octo-line Hello, I think what is originally requested in this post (and what I am also looking for) is some keypad decoding routines to be able to use for example a 4x4 Keypad to generate the normal digits (0 to 9) plus the whole alphanumeric characters (a to z) like a mobile phone...
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    GSM security / eavesdropping , possible ?

    how easy is it to eavesdrop on gsm phones Hello, I think the most common type of interception equipment that is required by the government law enforcement agencies from any mobile operator is usually installed at the core network since it is far more easier (air interface encryption is not...
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    A GPS design idea to monitor a persons location

    Re: GPS and this crazy IDEA! Hello, I agree with the concept of using the cellular network for the location identification, this is an applicatin of Location Based Services they are actually being marketed as "know where your kid is " services and "I am lost" and other gaming applications...
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    Requirements for GSM jammer design

    schematic gsm jammer Hello, Illegal as it may be to use jammers, from the technical discussion pov, I think that the jamming process depends on the following factors: - distance or cell area to be jammed - Power that the Base Station is transmitting at or its EIRP (depends on transmitter...
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    What is the USB cable lump for?

    what is lump on usb cable Hello, Usually this "lump" is a ferrite filter to filter any external or self induced interference, this is sometimes necessary for longer cables to achieve the maximum possible data transfer speed. These filters are available in a lot of other interface cables...
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    C compiler for PIC16F84 and 16F877

    ccs compiler tutorial pic16f627 To generate the *.hex file u have to setup the "build options" in the project properties and set up the last line, go to the PICC linker tab and enter in "alternate settings" the following line: <-O"$(TARGETBASE).cof" -O"$(TARGETBASE).hex"> as in the attached...
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    FREE, EASY CODE WRITING For MPLAB Users.(Source View Helper)

    how to enable autocomplete in mplab ide I tried it on Mplab 6.x and it works great! Very useful app, saves time looking up the MCU register files.
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    need help about dot matrix led

    hello, there are many pages on this subject on the "micrcontrollers" forum try searching for "moving display" or "led dot matrix". there is also a nice webpage **broken link removed**
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    Numbers and characters using 4x4 keypad

    Hello All, I have a project where I am using a normal 4x4 keypad. My issue here is that I need it to be able to enter numbers + alphabet characters similar to the mobile phone in SMS editing mode when you press a certain key number it scrolls through a number of character before selecting the...
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    varible initialisation in 8051..

    Of course, if you want to understand how a certain function is implemented, you need to be familiar with the assembler. This is the lowest you get to the workings of the MCU. For variable initialization (Let's say register C initialized with value 0x10 (hex)) the following PIC assembly code (2...

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