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    Looking for info about RFID programming

    Anyone having information about rfid programming?
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    Easy PIC'n, A Beginner's Guide to Using the PIC Microcontrol

    Newbie PIC book? Hi all.Can you suggest me PIC book?Not just programming also designing a pic circuits etc. at beginner level. Thanks
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    Emission Spectroscopy

    Anyone knows a source about emission spectroscopy?(e-book,webpage etc.) Thanks
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    Theoretical mechanics

    Does anyone have the solution manual for the book SCHAUM'S OUTLINE SERIES Theory and Problems of Theoretical mechanics with introduction to LAGRANGE'S EQUATIONS and HAMILTONIAN THEORY by MURRAY R. SPIEGEL
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    Looking for wireless searching tool

    does anyone know wireless network searching tool?
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    Good video editor working under Linux

    video editor anyody know good video editor workng under linux?
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    Looking for books about radiation detectors

    Anyone has a book about radiation detectors?
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    Can I program in PIC C under Linux?

    pic c can i program pi under linux using pic c?
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    How to program PIC using JAVA language?

    Can i program any pic with java?İs there any compiler or any other soultion to do this?
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    Info on medical image processing and simulation

    Can anyone help me about medical image processing and simulation? Thanks:D
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    Free 8051 programmer.

    Hi i am beginner in microcontrollers.Anyone know free 8051 programmer?İ searched in forum and couldn't find.Pls help me. Thanks :D

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