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    basics of LDO - request for resources

    basics of LDO Hi, I want to start LDO design. Could you provide documents for that.
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    why do we use poly as gate?

    why do we use poly as gate?
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    why do we use poly as gate?

    why do we use poly as gate?
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    why do we use poly to connect poly

    why do we use poly to connect poly
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    why oscillator o/p is sinusoidal?

    why oscillator o/p is sinusoidal or squarewave? for a simple RC circuit the o/p is not a sinusoidal. Then for a VCo how we r getting sinusoidal o/p
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    RMS jitter specification

    I have rms jitter specification for a pll. what actually this refers to? Is this random jitter? If we do the phase noise simulation and calculate jitter value, what jitter we get?
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    how to model PLL using MATLAB?

    pll matlab can any one suggest any papers how to model PLL in MATLAB?
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    about noise analysis of vco

    how to do the noise analysis of vco. and what are the tools needed?
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    do we need stability analysis for bias circuits

    I have a doubt that whether we need stability analysis for supply independent bias circuit.
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    supply independent bias circuit

    supply independent biasing can please tell me the design procedure for a supply independent bias circuit

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