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    windows explorer problem " logon UI has been disabled&

    windows explorer problem when i start my pc after the welcome screen i get a message that windows logon UI has been disabled. and when i play a cd/dvd in the dvd rom after some time the pc stops and it has to be restarted.
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    programmer circuit for at89c51

    if anyone has a programmer circuit for the atmel 89c51 plz giv i hv seen the asim khan design bt i didnt get it the design it nt clear. Read rules before posting. Using sms / short hand typing is not allowed here.
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    rf transmitter and receiver 433mhz problem

    hi i hv a problem with the tws-433 and rws-433 module.i am nt able to receive the data which i send through the tx.i used a HT12E encoder and HT12D decoder ic. i hv checked the ic they are fne. is ther any problem with the antenna. i hv used a normal breadboard wire with around 10-15 turns...

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