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    Need the complete software for the pathloss V4

    PathLoss V4 Is there any one who can give me the complete software for the pathloss V4 for the MW design
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    What is the capacity of VC-3;VC-4,VC-12 in terms of the STM-1?

    what is the capacity of each VC-3;VC-4,VC-12 in tearms of the STM-1?
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    power transmission lines and its effect on the MW tX

    Gent: There is one operator planning to install MW link on the same tower of the High voltage power lines, our ferquency for the MW is 6Ghz---38Ghz, and the voltage value on the lines 10Kv---43Kv, is there any effect on on our MW link if it is installed over these transmission lines???????
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    clock synchronization (very urgent help)

    how can the clock in the microwave system make the synchronization for the other equipment in the network??????????
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    What is the WIMAX standard?

    WImax what is WIMAX?
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    What does WIFI stand for?

    what is WIFI?
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    How to avoid mobile and radio speaker noise interference?

    mobile phone radiation dears: when you have a mobile call and your mobile near to the radio speaker this will cause a noise voice, who can we avoid this voice??????
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    the side effect of mobile radiation on the human body?????

    what is the side effect for mobile radiation on the human body????
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    How can we reduce the heat compensation from mobile telephone anntenas?

    how we can reduce the heat compensation from mobile telephone anntenas in order to let the battry work for longer time????
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    microwave link problems

    microwave link dears: We are encounter a problem in 15Ghz link near to military base and it seams that the problem comes from an interferance from the military radar, we solve the problem by change the frequency from 15Ghz to 7 Ghz, my question is who can i solve this problem without change the...

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