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    Stand alone PIC Programmer

    epicwin programmer+free download OK hill, I´m going to build it next month, I will inform to you how it works.
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    Stand alone PIC Programmer

    bootloader+pic16f72 The programmer is excellent!!!!, thank you very much hill!!!, is just what I need. Regards shandor
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    Stand alone PIC Programmer

    tony nixon pocket programmer Thank you very much hill, I read the pdf and I think that it is what I´m looking for. I still have problems with the web page, but I will fix the problem. Thank you again, this data will be very useful to me. shandor
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    Stand alone PIC Programmer

    pic programmer stand alone Hill, I can´t enter to this web page, I don´t know why. Can you tell me what kind of programmer is "pocketprog"?, thank you very much.
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    Stand alone PIC Programmer

    standalone pic programmer Yes, that type of programmer. Do you know any?
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    Processor which can handle low speed USB communications

    texas instruments usb microcontroller The Microchip PIC16C745 or PIC16C765 are good options. See www.microchip.com
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    Stand alone PIC Programmer

    parallel programmer for epicwin Does anybody knows a stand-alone pic programmer for production? (schematic + PCB+ soft). Thanks

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