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    Problem with thickness/sub height ratio error in Designer

    Re: Designer hi the conductor thickness is 125 mil which is need to get high Q whn the sub thickness is high.
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    Using SRD Spice model to design comb gen using HB analysis

    Re: comb i totally agree with u. the best way to do it is put together the ckt prototype n try to optimize it on bench using different dioides with different recovery n transistion time. genesys new version 2004 has one additional module called as AMk (advanced modelling kit) using Verilog A. i...
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    need in the help Ansoft Designer 1.0/Optimetrics

    hi anosfts website support has a very good tutorial on getting started with optimetrics in designer. www.ansoft.com it has optimetrics for em planar structures too.
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    what is the popular technique designing high pass filter

    hi could u be more specific about ur specs like cutoff freq, stop band attenuation, pass band attenuation, size... once the specs are clear u can chose the material
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    Hello ,about the 50 ohms microstrip !

    u can also do it with network ana. just measure inserstion loss and return loss on smith chart. return loss will tell u the impedance of the line. if the rerunloss is as close as possible to center of the smith chart its a 50ohm line
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    Best School for Microwave Engineering in USA

    syracuse university has good microwave courses too
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    How was Wainwright's high pass filters done?

    Re: High pass filter i think this is a waveguide filter or a stripline filter using shorted stubs less than quater wave
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    About hairpin filter design and simulation

    hairpin-filter wat do u mean wats the procedure take a look at microwave filter text by G.Matthaie and genesys has flter synthesis which gives u the layout ofthe filter. u cant learn everyhting form this msg board try exploring genesys
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    what is the best substrate for a microstrip power divider ?

    Re: what is the best substrate for a microstrip power divide a good material at high freq is RT 5880 or materials from Taconic like RF-35. RT 5880 has low tand=0.00019 n is very stable at high freq works very well in Ku band.
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    How to assign two wave ports in Ansoft HFSS?

    Re: a problem on ansoft HFSS hey theres a good presentation on ansoft website for spiral inductors take a look at that
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    A hfss simulation problem~

    u can check the hfss manual whcih is posted on the msg board itts really good
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    Microstripline Widths at given frequency

    many simaltion packages like ansoft designer, genesys have built in transmission line calculators whic give u the widht of 50ohm line or any impedance line at any given freq. or u can dload this rf calculator from www.milmega.co.uk in theior download section
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    Different s2p file sequences

    touchstone s2p specification check the magnitude of s21 and s12 u will know which is wat s21 will be usually a bigger value than s12
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    Ansoft Designer 2 is twice as slow as Designer 1, why ?

    Re: use of ansoft designer check ur design for any discontunity as it mught increase the mesh size n slow down the simulation
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    Which CPU would you suggest for MWS5.1?

    Re: Which CPU to use? along with a good processor good amount of ram helps preferable 1Gb dual channel is good for speed
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    Practical guides for designing coupled line filters

    Re: Coupled Line Filters ADS has a comprehensive n exhaustive help files which r really helpful. theres nothing known as learing fast. to learn ads u have to devote time n effort n it pays off
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    Looking for info about PIN diode model

    Re: model of PIN diode hi lot of simulation softwares like ADS, designer, eaglware, awr have builtin pin diode models for thier specific parts, u can also refer to the model described on agilent website
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    Ask a question about HFSS,Need help!

    hi its very simple u can just use a spline to mave any shaped curve
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    ASK: Filter design in ADS

    hi for getting good results for microstrip i use sonnet n the results are very close to measured.
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    Does HFSS operate better on Intel HT or AMD ?

    Re: HFSS On HT or AMD i have similar config but i use 1Gb of RAM which is dual channel 2 sticks of 512 mB ram on 3.2HT n it works just fine

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