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    How to access in built modem available in LPC2148

    Hi all , I am trying to configure the internal modem available in UART1 of lpc2148. What are the basic steps required in configuring a uart as a modem. Any useful links or tutorials will be help me!!. Regards Sundar
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    [SOLVED] SRAM 23LC1024 Interfacing with ARM7 LPC2148

    Hi everyone I am interfacing Atmel LC1024 with lpc2148 using spi, The data is easily write to the sram. But the problem is that it always returns 0xff 0r 0x00, while i am reading a data from the sram. Suggest me some solutions to solve this issue.
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    [ARM] STM32f103rb controller usart configuration

    hi everyone i am new to stm micrcontrollers. can anybody suggest me some good websites to learn stm32f103rb, gpio configurations and usart. thanks & regards sundar
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    [General] How to efficiently convert 8 bit data into 64 bit data

    Hi everyone In my MCU i need to convert a 8 bit hex value into 32 bit value. How can i do this, i tried some logic but it converts only 8 bit value into 16bit value. Any ideas regarding this would be helpful. Thanks in advance regards sundar
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    [ARM] OLED Display Interfacing with lpc2148

    Hi Everyone I am going to interface a oled display with lpc2148. it is provided by kozig and the part no is ZT.SC-I2CmX. How to determine the OLED's slave address. any ideas , suggestions would be helpful. The Pull-up resistors value i use is4.7K. Regards Sundar
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    [SOLVED] Hmc5883L Compass sensor interfacing with lpc2148

    Hi everyone I am going to interface a the compass sensor Hmc5883l to the lpc2148. i Performed self test on the sensor with the controller. it shows some readings. The datasheet tells that the value in the registers are in 16bit 2's complement form, can anyone give idea to convert to these...
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    [SOLVED] I2C-Hardware problem

    Hi everyone I am trying to communicate between two lpc2148 using i2c. I have got output in proteus Simulation. but in hardware i am not getting any output. i have used pullup resistor value of 10K each and supply voltage 3.3v i am using nxp development board, i am using polling method for...
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    [ARM] Rotary encoder interfacing with lpc2148

    Hi everyone I am trying to interface a rotary encoder with lpc2148. i am unable to identify the pattern clockwise and antilclockwise. I am configuring P0.28 and P0.29 as Gpio and connecting it to the rotary encoder. if there is a change in the pins due to the rotary encoder state change it...

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