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  1. J

    a small query regarding sampling

    hi all please can any one let clear my doubt "can the sampling frequency of a digitized signal be varied i.e can we vary sampling frq after sampling by adc if so please let me know how we do it "are there any methods for doing so???
  2. J

    Which RTOS is the best around?

    i m new to rtos can any guide me which is best
  3. J

    configuring fpga in parallel slave mode from dsp

    slave parallel mode of fpga hi all i wann to configure spartan 3 fpga in parallel slave mode from dsp (21160)processor please if any one have any idea kindly let me know how to proced
  4. J

    help me with this c++ book

    hi all please can any one help me i need a book "c++ faqs by marshal cline " please if some body can get it i will be happy u can mail the book to me at janakiram.sistla(at)rediffmail.com
  5. J

    What is the use of codec in signal processing?

    hi all please clarify me what is the use of codec in signal processing
  6. J

    need help for assembly

    hi all pleasse can any body suggest me how to write switch case using assembly may be any syntax
  7. J

    how to convert rs232 to usb connection

    hi can any one guide me how to make an rs232 to usb converter.please ram
  8. J

    req book on algorithims

    hi all some body posted a book on dsp algorithims from addision and weily by the time i gathered points to dowload it is not there in the forum please somebody help me posting it again i copied the link(of webpage )but there is no book in the page please somebody try to help me
  9. J

    A paper on Data Compression

    hi all This is a quiet useful paper on quantisation of pcm

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