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    Designing ADC - how to use mismatch graph of mimcap?

    Please help Hi all, I am designing ADC. I want to know how to make use of mismatch graph of mimcap (sigma vs 1/area) given in the PDK. I am using 0.13u process. Any comments on this would be really appreciated. REgards, Anand
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    Reference about DAC implementation in ADC

    Hi can some body give me good reference of DAC implementation in ADC... Please let me know if any goood IEEE papers which will help me to implement it in my Sigma delta ADC. Regards, Anand I will donate all my points :) if i find it useful.
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    Query regarding fliker noise modelling

    Why is flicker noise modelled as serise voltage source connected to gates in op-amp noise analysis?
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    Looking for book: CMOS op-amp and comparator book by Greogorian.

    Hello, Please let me know if anybody has the following book : CMOS op-amp and comparator book by Greogorian. Regards, Anand
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    PPT document about clock jitter

    Here is PDF on clock jitter for you
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    Good presentation on ADC

    presentation on adc good presentation on ADC.
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    What is negative frequency

    hi can any one please explain to me the concept of negative frequency ?.
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    Differenbetween different transforms

    different transforms Hi what is the difference between laplace and fourier and Z transform...When can we use them...on what basis we have to choose the analysis ?
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    Help needed regarding Poles and Zeros

    Hi, Can any one explain to me how to visualize poles and zeros ? Any physical feel for them ?
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    The effect of non-linearity of op-amp gain on the performance of ADC

    Hi can anyone explain me the effect of non-linearity of op-amp gain on the performance of ADC ?

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