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    Urgent help in OFDM.........

    Hi all, Can anyone tell me how to assign frequency for the subchannels in OFDM.Do anybody have idea of the concept "determing and storing the allowable extension directions for each subchannel in OFDM"...I am working in PAPR reduction in OFDM using Active Constellation Extension.I am struck...
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    PAPR Calculation in OFDM based system

    Hi kalyan, I am doing project in PAPR reduction in OFDM..i saw your thread tha you posted above.. I too have the same doubt as i am implementing it npw ..I hope u got the answer for the question what u mentioned above..Can u please tell me the answer...It will be helpful for me to...
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    wireless Channel for OFDM

    will there be any effect on bandwidth just by moving existing constellation points from their original position??
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    wireless Channel for OFDM

    Thanks for responding...I am doing project in PAR reduction in OFDM using ACE(Active Constellation Extension)technique...So,i need channel for the system implementation. I have some basic doubts to get clarified..I have used 16-QAM as the modulator in my OFDM system transmitter and i have...
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    wireless Channel for OFDM

    Hi all, i need some suggestions regarding selection of channel for OFDM system..I have implemented OFDM transmitter and now searching for wireless channel other than AWGN,RAYLEIGH and RICIAN channels.I need it urgently..Can anyone suggest please...:!:

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