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    how to write a overlap block in matlab

    overlap images matlab i need to use overlapping blocks to perform Gabor filter on fingerprint images. I'm new to matlab...then how can i release it in matlab?
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    [looking for] Gabor-filtered based fingerprint segmentation

    Hi, All I'm looking for Matlab codes for Gabor-filtered based fingerprint segmentation? Anyone has it or related, pls kindly help me... Thanks, tony
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    [fingerprint] a problem using hong_enhancement_7_31_2005

    compute_coherence(d) Hi, I'm using "hong_enhancement_7_31_2005", which implements Hong et al.'s enhancement scheme based on Gabor Filtering by sharat. However, each time i call the hong_enhancement function, there displays many warnings. Can anybody kindly help me to solve the problem...

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