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    [SOLVED] Help me build a Basic PIC24 Board

    Hi all, This time I am stuck with the PCB for PIC24FJ64GA004. I have to build a basic board (Crystal oscillator,MCLR circuit, capacitors as per datasheet, and Programming pins) I am leaving few pins to a connector so that i can connect PICKIT3 and program the controller. My doubt is regarding...
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    [SOLVED] PM55L-048 Stepper Heats

    Hi all, I have found the solution. Actually I was connecting wrong wires to the motor coils and understood my mistake. But Heat problem is still present. It heats upto a particular temperature only. Since I am interfacing it for the first time, I am a little worried about the temperature...
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    [SOLVED] PM55L-048 Stepper Heats

    Hi, I learning to interfacing a PM55L-048-HP69 Stepper Motor to 8051 (unipolar) I am using L298N as driver module bought here in local market. . I have connected the coils to pin (2,3) & (13,14). Logic Voltage of 5V to pin 9. The module has the remaining circuitry to operate. I have connected...
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    Use shift register in PIC 24

    Hi all! I am doing an lcd project using the shift register. To start with the shift register i had written a small code with the circuit diagram. But i am not getting the output i need. Kindly help My code: ========================= #include<p24fj64ga002.h> #define output PORTBbits.RB15...
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    [SOLVED] Proteus model of 16bit 28pin evaluation board

    I have downloaded the kit manual. Can i do the connections as shown it it??? I did not do it as it has many other things like the usb interface, etc. I dont need them. I just want to use the PIC microcontroller.
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    [SOLVED] Proteus model of 16bit 28pin evaluation board

    Hi all!! I am seraching the isis proteus model for " 16bit 28pin evaluation board ". with PIC24fj64ga002 microcontroller Kindly help me find it. More information on this board is : **broken link removed**
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    How to use the L298 for DC motor driving

    Hi all, I have just started programming 8051 . I want to control a geared dc motor ( 12 V) I am using the l298 driver. I could connect the In1, In2, EA to controller and OUT1 and OUT2 to the motor. and connected SenseA to GND I want to vary the current of the load(motor). Please help me to...
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    the 8051 and 8x8 led dot matrix display

    Hi, I have designed a MCU using proteus. To port 1, I have connected ULN2003 and its outputs to the column of a 5* 7 dot matrix display. to port 2 also a uln2003 and its outputs to the rows of the display. So of port 1 --5 bits are used and of port 2--- 7 bits are used. Now I dont know of how...

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