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    screened copper conductors

    Hello all I need an insulated multi stranded copper conductor which can carry 8-9 Amp current, should be screened, having an insulation which can withstand working voltage of 1.5KVrms atlleast. Moreover insulation should be flexability as this cable is needed to be wind/unwind regularly. As...
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    High Voltage (2 Kvrms) shielded cables

    Hello all I need to select/source suitable shielded conductor/cable (of 200m lenght) for carrying 2 KVrms sinewave signal of 2 KHz frequency. The current will not exceede from 1.5 amp. Moreover 2 to 4 conductor pairs will be placed side by side so individual conductor's shielding required for...
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    Isolation b/w DAC & Power amplifier

    Hello i am using NI DAC (6723) to drive QSC RMX 4050HD Power amplifier (PA) having input impedance of 10 kohm. I am generating 1-5KHz sinusoidal signals from my DAC. 1- I need some isolation & signal smoothing b/w DAC & 2kWatt PA. 2- Secondly, NI DAC has current limitation of 5mA/channel. I...
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    Orcad layout net and padstack width

    Hi every one I am designing PCBs of analog/digital circuits in Orcad layout and facing problems in selection of different parameters like Nets, padstack sizes etc. Like if a net carries currnet of 1 amp, what should be its width/height? What should be optimal size of net/padstack for digital...
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    impedance matching transformer

    Thanks for your helρ. As i have to oρerate two transducers from single ρoweramlifier, i have to use it in parallel mono mode. >>dimension the transformer for a minimal frequency of 1 kHz, resulting in a factor 20 reduction of >>windings count compared to 50 Hz and respectively higher power...
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    impedance matching transformer

    Hi all I have a QSC audio amplifier (RMX 4050HD) and an acoustic transducer having input impedance of approx 180 oham at resonant frequency. QSC amplifier can provide about 2000 watt to 2 oham load (speaker) . If i directly connect transducer to amplifier, i only get 50-60 watt output. I...
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    digitization of sensor array

    Hi all I need to digitize a 32 channel sensor array, hosed in a pipe of 50mm diameter and 6m length. Sensors are hydrophones integrated with preamplifiers. Simultaneous sampling is required with 20Ksamp/s/ch be the required sampling rate. To further complicate the matter, I need to send...
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    preamplifier overvoltage, reverse polarity protection

    Hello all I have designed a preamplifier which operates on unipolar supply +10V and draws about 20mA to 40mA depending upon jumper setting.Now i need to add reverse polarity protection as well as overvoltage protection (maximum allowable voltage is +15V) Kindly tell me is there any simple...
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    long range ethernet cable

    Hi Thanks for your response. Unfortunately we can not use either repeaters or optical fiber cable in our case.we have a 1000m cable with 50 Quads (AWG 30). Although We are using 100Mbs ethernet connection but minimum required data rate is 20Mbps(without considering any losses). Is there any...
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    long range ethernet cable

    Hi all Can i establish 100Mb/s ethernet connection (UDP protocol) over 1000m cable without any signal repeater/extender. And what type of cable should i use for maximum range? Thanks
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    insulated cable for power signals

    Hello all we are using audio power amplifiers which delivers around 2000 watt signal to the transducers having input impedance of approx 150 oham. The signal at output of power amplifier is of sinusoidal type with approx. 600 Vrms. The current drawn by the load (transducer) is approx 3.2A. Our...
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    XPS, DDR SDRAM and test peripheral example

    Hello all I am using xilinx platform studio (XPS) for testing my FX12 minin module development board and facing some problems. Using base system builder, i select only RS232 and Mini module GPIO leds and two examples were created,one test memory and second test peripheral.Test memory resides...
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    Looking for a small size low-noise 16-channel ADC card

    Hi I need a small size (approx 50mm by 100mm) low noise 16-channel ADC card sending data on gigabit ethernet for real time data acquistion. Minimum sampling (simultaneous) requirement per channel is approx 48 Ksamp/s/ch. I know i ask for lot of things in very small size but if any one know...
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    Looking for a 300-1000W, 0-20kHz power amplifier with output impedance matching load

    Hi I need a power amplifier (output power in range of 300-1000 watt) in audio frequency range (0-20kHz) with output impedance matching with a load(acoustic transducer) having input impedance of approx 150-200 ohm. The phase distortion should be minimum. Can any one kindly guide me from where...
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    Help me interface FX12 minimodule with an ADC IC

    Hello Does any one has work on Virtex-4 FX12 MiniModule? I need to interface this FX12 mini module with an adc ic(cirus logic cs5368) and send digitized data to remote location using Gigabit ethernet interface real time.Kindly guide me Best regards
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    Calculating linear array gain (and beamformer gain)

    Hi I am working on conventional frequency domain beamforming for linear microphone receive array. I have simulated 32 channels array data using white Gaussian noise with proper delays corresponding to target at 45 degree emitting 20KHz tonal. I beamformed this data to make 32 beams time series...

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