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  1. tobb

    DIY Moving Message Display

    moving message display pcb design Hi.. you better to check with multimeter first for extra pin.. some time they have the same pin above and below so it mean you could use either of it. but it will be just 1 or 2 pin or maybe it not connect
  2. tobb

    Need Programmer circuit for AT89C51

    at89c51 programmer Hi .. You could also check this.. It could help you..
  3. tobb

    DIY Moving Message Display

    bascom code and schematic for led moving display Hi.. Most Commercial display will use Software on PC to set pattern and send text to it. Some will use keyboard or RS232.. .. Some display will use some special word to display pattern or picture like if in the string have "\p1" mean display...
  4. tobb

    DIY Moving Message Display

    max6952 eagle Hi.. Sorry for late reply.. I was very bussy because I just Open my new Coffee Shop and Internet Cafe.. any way Here is Code and some Picture Code is For ATMEGA32.. The reason is AVR Mega32 have 2k Of ram.. I use just a normal AVR Development board .. You can use any AVR board...
  5. tobb

    key scanning for 89c52

    key scanning Hi.. if you use low Crystal for 89C52 and have a slow and long delay for 18S20 then it could slow for keyscan.. and also it is possible to use interrupt for keymatrix.. But for your code I think it should not be a problem. Try check your delay code first or you could also try put...
  6. tobb

    DIY Moving Message Display

    pc software for moving message display Hi.. The reson that I use 74HC595 to Drive Transister for 8 Row Led because I could connect many driver board and still use only 3pins of micro controller to controll Row.. Another thing is if you connect long column for example 80 by 7 with only One ROW...
  7. tobb

    DIY Moving Message Display

    moving message display softwares Hi.. My Schematic is OK.. Value for R is varies by Voltage Of LED The input connector SV3 is V+ for LED that from Transister (In this part is Depend on which voltage you want to use.. Here a transister Driver that I use For Me I use 5V and R220Ohm Drive 8bit...
  8. tobb

    DIY Moving Message Display

    4094 picbasic Hi .. This is my PCB and Schematic of Dot matrix module. I devide my dot matrix to 8*20 (4 of 5* in to one module and connect each module as big as I want. I use TPIC6B595 Power shift register and AVR 90S8515 with EXternal 32 K sram SOurce will be follow
  9. tobb

    DIY Moving Message Display

    avr atmega bi color led matrix 16x64 HI.. I have done Project about 80 of 8*5 dot 5mm or about 3200 DOT.. It take current less than 2A when Fully Scan. Here Picture of it (About 15 cm * 150 cm) note that my camera is fast shutter so the charactor wont show right in picture because scaning...
  10. tobb

    Troubles with Atmel FLIP's progrmming software

    Hi.. AT89C5131 will only in usb loader function when it in PROGRAMMING MODE.. You must enter programming mode before connect to FLIP.. Basic way to enter programming mode is to put PSEN to Ground and Reset it.. Some board will have Psen switch and reset switch.. you need to push and hold PSEN...
  11. tobb

    How to measure high alternating current of AVR ATmega8

    measure current ? Hi .. Try this circuit from this application note **broken link removed** I have used it.. Working good with CT and AVR. Also if you want to get wave sign.. Use Opamp to bring up center of sine to positive so you could measure both side of amplitude in positive voltage. or...
  12. tobb

    Example codes for serial communication in 8051 using RS485 protocol

    RS485 & 8051 HI Can any one tell me how to working on RS485 Full Duplex ? Which chip i could use ? Thanx
  13. tobb

    need J-TAG schematic for LPC21XX ARM

    lpc21xx schematic Hello .. I bought a LPC2106 Chip from the shop and I would like to search for J-TAG schematic for it . SO I could build it by may self. I try to search this forum but I still not see schematic. I very new in arm so if you could give an example idea on how to download program...
  14. tobb

    How to send an array of data from PC to 89C51 via RS232?

    Hi there are many way to orgenize it .. for example you could use any charactor to define as a start charactor stream and then program to count amount of byte to receive and put each data to array or port.. You could also use serial interrupt for better receiving data stream
  15. tobb

    Which ATMEGA128 LockBits locks the chip forever and disables programming?

    Reprogram AVR in case 2 some people were chose wrong fusebit about clock source. The crystall need oscilator circuit inside avr to make clock. So if you chose any other than crystall then oscilator circuit will not work so you need to put clock source that can generate clock by it self and...
  16. tobb

    Which ATMEGA128 LockBits locks the chip forever and disables programming?

    AVR you can erase the lock bit by erase chip methode. In your case i guest 1. You set wrong fusebit so make it not alow you to program with ISP methode so you need Pararell programming methode 2. You select a wrong fusebit on crystal selecttion may be you select it to use external clock system...
  17. tobb

    sharp GP2D12 interface pic16f676

    Hi Sharp GP2D12 is very easy to interface to Microcontroller that already have Analog to Digital pic 16f676 can easy connect a2d pin to it or just use RCTime method to read out the voltage value that come out from it. If you not have any output first just check your sensor. If you feed 5 volt to...
  18. tobb

    help with real time clock

    ds1302 using 16mhz Hi.. I have some trouble with DS1307.. I built a clock and I write software to read from DS1307 about every second... I found that time is not correct when operate about one day.. time will slower about 1 minute.. I think because I read from DS1307 every second.. IF I read it...
  19. tobb

    Very Low Resistance Measurement (Less than 1 Ohm)

    very low resistance measurements for constance current source you could try **broken link removed** looking for 0-30 VDC STABILIZED POWER SUPPLY WITH CURRENT CONTROL 0.002-3 A it could give you a constance current range up to 3 A I used it with my Magnetic Field Tester and it works well.. I...
  20. tobb

    Programming 89S8252 with STK200

    stk200 cable Yes.. You could use it to program AT89S8252 with bascom 8051 or with Asim Khan ISP FLASH V3.0 Software.. You could also program AT89SXX with this soft ware too.

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