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    Looking for 10/100/1000M ethernet media converter chip

    Any guys know where can I found it? Thanks a lot.
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    Looking for GPIB transceiver and receiver ic

    gpib +ic looking for GPIB transceiver and receiver ic Thanks . hch16550
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    How to implement 8051 port3 as bidirection I/O?

    Hi, my dear friends. I use aduc814( 8051 like) port3 sometime as input port, some time as output port alternate. I use the port as handshak port,somt time output data ,somtime input data. In low speed the data is correct. In high speed the data sometime is wrong. I don't know what happened...
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    How to implement 8051 port3 as bidirection I/O?

    I want to use 8051 port 3 as bidirection I/O. How to implement 8051 port3 as bidirection I/O? Thanks. hch16550 :cry:
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    Need help about a filtter question

    Dears, I want to know the mean as following 1.c-message weighting or c-notch 2.psophometric weighting(p-weighting) p-notch Some can tell me? where can i found the data? Thank you. hch16550
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    VHDL Verilog, HDL tutorials and reference materials

    The link is work fine
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    Need help for light detect

    I want to detect light power in wavelength 1310 <--> 1550nm. The specifications detect range is minimum -45dbm. Since I have used 95:5 splitter, the minimum detect range has change to -59 dBm (-45-13dbm). Unfortunately, my photodiode maximum sensitivity is -36dmn. Can I change another...

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