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    ADC Matlab Model implementation

    matlab pipeline adc Do you have some material for sigma delta ADC
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    What is the WiFi technology?

    Re: What is WiFi? Wi-Fi was originally a brand licensed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to describe the embedded technology of wireless local area networks (WLAN) based on the IEEE 802.11 specifications. A person with a Wi-Fi enabled device such as a pc, cell phone or PDA can connect to the Internet when...
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    What is gravitational time dilation?

    In general relativity, clocks at lower potentials in a gravitational field — such as in close proximity to a planet — are found to be running slower.
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    what is time dilation

    Time dilation is the phenomenon whereby an observer finds that another's clock which is physically identical to their own is ticking at a slower rate as measured by their own clock. This is often taken to mean that time has "slowed down" for the other clock, but that is only true in the context...
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    How to reduce the material loss?

    Use FR4 as material.it's ε is 4.6.
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    MATLAB codes for design of patch antenna required

    U can find that at this link: www.scitechpub.com/Makarov.htm
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    MATLAB codes for design of patch antenna required

    Refer to the book: Antenna and EM Modeling with MATLAB,Sergey N. Makarov It will help u.
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    Need help regarding UWB Antenna

    Have a look at this paper.. h**p://
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    Need help regarding UWB Antenna

    please specify the name of uwb antenna which u r seeking for? Added after 2 minutes: it's basically a horn antenna Added after 4 minutes: ok ,i will find material for u..
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    Help me with .out file results for TMS320VC33 kit

    Hi.. Has anybody worked with TMS320vc33 kit. I need help regarding .out file made from .c file using cl30 and lnk30 options.
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    Need help regarding UWB Antenna

    hi.. try to search it on IEEE papers section...
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    image segmentation using matlab

    Hi.. Read Gonzalez for that...search the forum for book..if not found then tell me i will upload matlab book
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    What are the latest developments in DSP?

    Latest in DSP It depends... in which area you are working...DSP at present is key thing in many applications like Wireless industry, multimedia applications...etc
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    Link to tutorials and projects for DSP

    A good DSP site! dsprelated.com
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    how to convert the human sound into a group of frequencies

    could be done by FFT...by chosing suitably large value of N
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    Looking for a simple core FFT algorithm code

    simple FFT you can search for some help on dspguide.com
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    C programming examples of TMS320c31

    need help hi... Can someone upload program named aiccomc.c in accompnying disk with TMS320c31 chassaing book...
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    C programming examples of TMS320c31

    Hi, I need some C programming examples of TMS320c31...
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    Need material related to multimedia processing

    I need some material related to multimedia processing.

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