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    Which PIC with big internal memory ?

    Hi everybody, Could you please tell me which PIC that have a big internal memory ( I mean > 10 Mbit for "big")? If there is no PIC with such a big memory, then which kind of PIC and external memory I should use ? thank you so much
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    HELP-QSYS-Error due to too long name of the path

    Hi every one, I'm using Qsys (new version of SOPC) in win 7. When I generate automatically (with simulation for using in Modelsim), QSYS can not generate all the files needed because some files are automatically placed in too long name paths, and Win 7 only permits a maximum 255 characters path...
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    How FPGA receive real signal

    Hello everybody, I'm a beginner with FPGA. I'm using FPGA cyclone IV-E to make a numerical feedback controller. To do this, my FPGA must receive a real signal from a current sensor and compare it with a reference signal. Here are the question I can not find in internet - Is there an ADC inside...

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