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    [SOLVED] electric field density question

    hey trying to work ths question but not sure how to approach it. some help please thnx much. question 3.1 - - - Updated - - - never mind i was overthinking the question. a bit tired taking a break from studying - - - Updated - - - just use the formula for electric field density
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    circuit analysis question

    hey got an exam coming up and was having issues with solving these questions. I'd appreciate alot if it could be done see the attached picture thnx. ] - - - Updated - - - the top question by the way
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    using PID function in MATLAB

    Having issues with using the PID function in MATLAB: whenever i try to use the pid function in matlab in the command window I get the message "undefined function or variables". But I am seeing examples where the PID function is used. eg C = pid(Kp,Ki,Kd). not sure if there is a missing toolbox...
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    solving circuit using Laplace Transform

    hey thnx I see it now the first method is very clear I feel like I"m blind or something. I also get the 2nd part. Appreciate it.
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    solving circuit using Laplace Transform

    having issues with solving this circuit using Laplace transform. firstly i applied KVL to the ciruit[V=V(L)+V(R)+Vo], then i substituted the voltage of the inductor for V(L) and the current through the capacitor to give V(R)=R*(i*dv/dt). resulting in the final equation: L*di/dt + R*(i*dv/dt) +...
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    transistor amplification

    why does a common emitter bjt after amplification inverts the signal in comparison 2 other configurations. Trying to understand the principle

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