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    Material for learning about the chip antenna

    well, these days, i'm interested about the chip antenna. who can provide some material that can make me learn further, or you can give your opinion about this antenna. thanks....
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    About S11 parameter(Help)

    I wanna mesure the circuit's output impedance,I use one cable to connect the point which are the BPF's output,then i provide electrical to my circuit,which include transceiver, The S11 can be get in network analyze, can I use this S11 to change my antenna matching circuit and get a good match...
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    Help~~I need some information about Antenna company

    our company wanna buy some antenna on UHF, so please introduce me some famous Antenna company and their website. thanks~
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    Pls give me some opinion about the loop antenna

    i wanna design one horizontal monitor antenna,the request of frequency is from 40MHz to 400MHz,i select the small antenna,which means the loop circumference is smaller than one fifth of a wavelength. howerver,in term of calculation, the radiation resistance too small, i wanna make a big one to...

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