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    Question about low noise figure

    https://rickettslab.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/LNA_noise_design.pdf As the equation (14) in the above link , the noise In can be separated to Inu and Inc ,and Inc is correlated to Vn theoretically. My question is how to get the correlation between Inc and Vn in practice? Is it...
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    What is "TWO-TONE SFDR" meaning?

    https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/AD9461.pdf In the ADC datasheet , it depicts that ======================================= TWO-TONE SFDR fIN = 169.6 MHz @ 7dBFS, 170.6 MHz @ 7dBFS ======================================= what is it meaning here?what is the...
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    What is low background Iddq in device?

    https://books.google.com.tw/books?id=ymMmoP-hAGkC&pg=PA18&lpg=PA18&dq=iddq+iv+curve&source=bl&ots=XzCOXsPcIj&sig=VyhGJqDlcY3Z6gGx7W7Qq4phw6A&hl=zh-TW&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjgm7PWqMbZAhVInpQKHSigCvAQ6AEILTAB#v=onepage&q=iddq%20iv%20curve&f=false In page 26 of the textbook it depicts that "For...
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    Why the long term 1 and 0 number balance affect clock recovery?

    As the title,the 1 and 0 sequence number should be balanced to decrease error rate(clock recovery). I would like to know the principle.Thanks
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    why does self-complementary antenna have constant input impedance

    Dear All: I would like to know the principle of why complementary antenna has a constant input impedance.Could someone tell me or show me the documents?I would appreciate very much
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    How do I set to let enclose lines form a surface ?

    I have drawn closed line,how do i do to let those lines form a surface
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    Why does scaling of an antenna through angle make it frequency independent?

    I have read Rumsey 's paper about it,but I want to know the physical sense.
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    Does a charged capacitor act as a short circuit in feedthrough?

    A capacitor behaves as short when initially uncharged and sudden volatage is applied and open when fully charged. But in feedthrough,a volatge variation is in a charged coupling capacitor. A feedthrough effect by a coupling capacitor is as below: in which C2 is a couplng capacitor to VL2,and...
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    How to measure noise of an amplifier?

    A noisy network model of an amplifier is below https://imgur.com/gwSqf I want to know how measure In En and C which is correlation between In and En? Thanks.
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    what is application of cascode amplifier's high output impedance?

    In general , amplifier has low output impedance for loading,but cascode has high. Cascode amplifier behaves as a transconductance amplifier. Does cascode amplifier output as a current source to drive a load? If it does,what kind of equipment(or device) is load to cascode amplifier? Thanks.
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    What is the mechanism of the 2 input buffer

    The circuit is as below https://imgur.com/Sehsc I didn't find it out by google search and in library and I want to know how it outpputs half of sum of the two input voltage and name of it.Thanks
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    What is "integrated black matrix"

    In TFT LCD displayer,black matrix is used to cover TFT and circuit elements which interfere light penetration.I know that conventional black matrix is on color filter but "integrated black matrix". Could anyone help me understanding "integrated black matrix"?thanks.
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    Why is spiral antenna frequency-independent?

    I have read Stutzman's "antenna theory and design" about this question.In the book the explanation is that spiral antenna is self-complementary but I just don't comprehend how self-complementary does for frequency characteristic.
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    Pspice problem again as getting "ERROR -- Invalid outside of .SUBCKT" in PSPICE

    Pspice problem again as getting "ERROR -- Invalid outside of .SUBCKT" The description I tested is below ================================================================= .SUBCKT cc 1 2 V1 2 1 DC 1V R1 2 1 1k .ENDS cc ================================================================= and I got...
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    Why I got PSPICE error message as"Less than 2 connections at node 1"

    Why did I get a PSpice error message as"Less than 2 connections at node 1" Below is my description for a simple and easy circuit(just series of two resistor and one source),and I use PSpice Stduent. Vin 1 0 DC Ra 1 2 1k Rb 2 0 1k .PROBE but it make error in PSPICE as below ****...
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    How to get external Q versus tap postion with HFSS?

    I need to plot graphic about external Q versus tap position.I know Qex=(S11(90)-S11(-90))/S11(central) HFSS can do parametric simulatin ,but how do I plot as below?
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    May Microwave Office export s1p into HFSS?

    I am designing a filter by HFSS and the filter has to perform as equivalent circuit layout by microwave office....... I want to plot the result of HFSS and microwave office in one figure,but the data file from microwave office is not .s1p so it can not be plotted with result of HFSS...
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    How to get accurate coupling coefficient of two microstriipline resonator by HFSS

    I have used method mentioned from this article "Narrow-Band Microwave Filter Design by Daniel G. Swanson, Jr" **broken link removed** The model for extraction of coupling coefficient is as the following picture: ImageShack® - Online Photo and Video Hosting But I am confused that the two...
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    How to simulate a wireless channel response

    I have a home work to write a program to simulate a wireless channel reponse.. The detial of the homework is as below: h(t)=Σaiδ(t-τi) where i is index ,a is amplitude of Ricain distribution. T is time delay of poisson distribution...

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