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    how to model RF via hole in hfss

    how to model feeding through hole in hfss in cpw array antenna
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    CPW-fed Band-notched Monopole Antenna For UWB Applications

    i m having problem in assigning port in cpw fed .. . i m working on project where i m using cpw feeding in a band notch monopole antenna wher i m using waveport of size 3(2g+w) and 4h.. - - - Updated - - - help me out plz.. ..
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    gain vs frequency 2d plot in hfss

    hello! sir.. i m trying to plot 2d plot of gain vs frequency..but by selecting only a single frequency it is giving nothing..bt if i take all the frequencies it is nt clear.. plz clear my doubt by giving ur valuable time..i deadly need ur help..

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