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    Problem reading Data o/p from DTMF decoder with PIC 16F84

    dtmf pic C-Man I'll get that done as soon as i can bit busy at the mo only checking in cheers PICO how do i check the res of an idividual pin must the pic b taken out of circuit or left in and powered up? Cozturk What was the error u found on the datasheet it may help me. Thanks all. :o
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    Problem reading Data o/p from DTMF decoder with PIC 16F84

    dtmf 16f84a Hey people, i've connected a MITEL 8870 DTMF decoder to port b of my PIC.When i transmit a DTMF the decoder should give 5V on its data vaild and then the same voltage on it data outputs but i'm only getting 0.75 V on these outputs of the decoder. When i remove the pic and test the...
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    Anybody can help me to get wireless rs232 circuits

    I dunno if u wanna use RF or iR or what but theres some good tutorials in circuits at http://www.winpicprog.co.uk/pic_tutorial.htm u might be a ble to combine a couple of them. 8)
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    Need some help with my pic 16F84 project

    thanks 2kostya2, that will help me a lot with the software.but i'm trying to get it built at the mo. i keep getting too much juice or too little going into the alarm (transistor aactivated NE555 astable + buzzer) Thanks all the same though. 8)

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