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    How to I generate a digital controlled 0-5V analog signal.

    how to generate an analog signal Hello, I am trying to build a circuit that can output a 0-5V analog signal. This analog signal will be controlled by a mcu. What i have in mind is to have a mcu communicate to some sort of 12bit dac. I am familiar with the mcu portion of things, but i am not...
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    how to choose transformer for power supply design

    Hello, I have a question on transformer selection for liner voltage regulator type powersupply circuit. What is VA rating for a transformer? Is it true that if the VA is too big the transformer will heat up and waste alot of energy? I setting up a ps circuit using 7805, 5V output about...
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    Signal generator to test energy meter

    Hello, I am starting a project to build a signal generator to test the accuracy of energy meters. Do you think building one is fessible? The commercial sets on the market is way too expensive! A senior engineer suggested that it could getting a stable voltage and current source up can be done...

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