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    How to design a Passive low pass filter of L and C values

    How to design passive low pass LC filter ? Please can you help me how to design a Passive low pass filter of L and C values calculation ? Equations ?
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    Underdamping problem in the electrical system?

    Underdamping problem in electrical system ? In the electrical circuits, why and how the under damping problem occurs in the electrical waveforms ? What is the reason behind to have a under damping issue in the electrical waveforms ? How to overcome this problem ?
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    Cadence Allegro PCB Design Tool

    Hello All, I want to learn Cadence Allegro PCB Design Tool fully. So, I want to a user manual / book to learn scratch to end. Please can you suggest me where can I found. I search in the google but there are lot of materials. So which Material I suppose to follow I am not understanding.
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    what is Prepreg and Core ?

    Hello Everyone, I would like to know each and every question which I have mentioned below, Prepreg: 1) What is Prepreg ? 2) Why it is using in the multi layer boards ? 3) What is the purpose to use ? 4) In which layer we suppose to use in the multi layer boards ? Core: 1) What is Core ...
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    How to make the good PCB for High Frequency (MHz) power converters?

    Hello, I am working on DC-DC power converters with High Switching Frequencies (3MHz), In the circuit, 60V input voltage and the current running in the circuit around like 1.5A, I am using center-tapped transformer (4:1). So, Please can you suggest me that, How many layers have to be used in...
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    Problem with Vds voltage at MOSFET

    I am working class-E DC-DC converter topology. I have the problem with the drain-source voltage which is not immediately start to rise the Vds voltage after the gate voltage zero. So, what are the values need to tune in order to get the ZVS (zero voltage switching). I can get it at another...
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    how to Define the transformer Primary & Secondary windings in SIMetrix ?

    how to Define the transformer Primary & Secondary tuns in SIMetrix ? Hello, I am using the center-tapped transformer in SIMetrix simulation tool. The exciting tuns ratio of the transformer are 8:2. The primary tuns I have set to 8 turns according to the ratio. Now, what value I have to give...
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    How to calculate the Switching losses for MOSFET and Diode?

    Hello, For MOSFET Switching losses: How to calculate the MOSFET Switching Losses, If they are not given the Ton and Toff time in the datasheet? Is they any another formula? Pswi = Vds x Id x Fsw x ((Ton x Toff)/2) For Diode Switching losses: How to calculate the Diode Switching Losses...
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    How to improve the efficiency of the Class-E DC-DC converter circuit

    Hello, I am working on the Class-E DC-DC converter circuit. The efficiency of the circuit is 91% when the circuit simulates with ideal transformer and the 40% efficiency yielding when the circuit simulates with the practical transformer. As per my knowledge, here the Zero Voltage Switching...
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    How to import the netlist in Cadsoft Eagle Software (PCB)?

    Hello, I want to know these things.... What is netlist? What is use of it? when it is used? why it is used? How to import the netlist in to the layout in the Cadsoft Eagle?
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    Simulations & Hardware Board (PCB)?

    Hello, Why simulation results and hardware results are not matching each other in power converters? can you tell me few reasons.....
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    switching losses & Rectifier diode losses?

    Hello, what is the formula for MOSFET switching losses & Rectifier diode losses? and please explain me how to calculate them?
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    Shunt & snubber capcitors?

    Hello, what is difference between the shunt capcitor and snubber capacitor? What is use of it?
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    Problem with pulse flickering ?

    Hello, How to solve the Pulse flickering Problem? I have the dspic33fj06gs202 microcontroller which is getting the power supply from the voltage regulator (TLV2217) and providing the pulse to gate driver. But, Before gate driver checking the pulse which is flickering vertically.
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    Series Resonant LC Circuit

    Hi, I am working on Class-E DC-DC converters which contains a Series Resonant LC Circuit. So, before the circuit has a 250V DC voltage. After a capacitor it has a AC voltage and after inductor it has a AC voltage but its look like pulse. So,how its changing DC to AC voltage and AC to pulse...
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    About Chock Inductor?

    Hello, 1. Why the output current is 180 degrees phase shift of input current of the chock inductor (i.e: which is near to input)? Here, I have attached the circuit and waveforms. https://obrazki.elektroda.pl/2864401200_1364395321.jpg https://obrazki.elektroda.pl/4602646200_1364395322.jpg
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    Problem with MOSFET?

    I am working on IPD90R1K2C3 mosfet in the DC-DC converters. The mosfet withstand upto with 900V and 150 degrees. But, I am supplying 40V to the input of the circuit and the mosfet getting too much hot which nearly equal to the 150 degrees and above, so that the mosfet's are broken. So, please...
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    How to solve the Hard Switching iin the converter circuit?

    Hello, I am working on DC-DC Converter circuit with specification of Operating Frequency - 3.45Mhz, Vin -...
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    Microcontroller VDD Supply

    Problem with Microcontroller VDD Supply Hello, I am using dsPIC33FJ06GS202 controller. The TLV2217 LDO (Linear Voltage Regulator 12Vdc to 3.3Vdc) is supplying the 3.3VDD to the controller. But, its regulating 3.3V triangular signal which goes to the controller. Do you thing is there any effect...
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    Problem with Power Converter Circuit

    Hello, I have problem with my power converter circuit. The circuit deliver the required result (i.e: Vin-30V, Iin-0.2A, Vout-8V, Iout-0.5A) in the simulations. When come to the hardware board (PCB) which needs to 1A and above input current in order to meet output power and efficiency same as I...

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