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    Using GBD with Wiggler or MultiIce via USB

    Dainis, thanks for the pointers. I didn't know about openocd and it's exactly what I need. I'm off to have a good read of these pages to try and see if the Amontec cable will work with te Rowlet tools as well, which would be a nice bonus.
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    Using GBD with Wiggler or MultiIce via USB

    Hello dainis, in theory it should work, given that multiice is a windows application and the USB to parallel driver provides a virtual parallel port. I think the cheap cables I tried don't provide true didirectional port operation, although they're supposed to. You're probably correct though...
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    Using GBD with Wiggler or MultiIce via USB

    usb to parallel converter wiggler openocd I do a lot of my ARM development using GNU tools with cygwin, debugging with gdb and multiice. I've been trying to use multiice using a USB to parallel cable (just so that I can use a notebook with no parallel port for debugging) , but the two...
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    H8S value series in Europe?

    Is there a reliable source of the H8S value series in Europe? The official Hitachi distributors don't seem to be of any use - are there any reliable independant distributors who are happy dealing in small quantities?
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    How to increase UART/Serial Port on a uC ?

    howto xmit long serial I'm sure Phillips do uarts with i2c interface. It's better to buy an off the shelf solution rather than reinvent the whell unless your volumes are high. If you are going to role your own in a CPLD look at Cohen's VHDL books - he has uart implementations in most of them...
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    Abatron BDI2000 vs. EPI Majic for ARM?

    epi majic Does anyone have any experience with these two in circuit emulators?
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    AT91RM9200 processor compiler

    Currently using gcc 3.3.1 + newlib for this processor. I haven't come across any problems.
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    How to flash boot code on ARM JTAG using MultiICE

    elektroda arm Another option to the Macgraiger tools is Amontec's Chameleon pod www.amontec.com It costs about $100 and can be configured to operate as a wiggler or a Raven, amongst other things. I have one and it works OK.
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    a systemc user friendly simulator under win?

    systemc simulator for windows There's at least one Wndows distribution - which is easily found with any search engine.
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    Problem with introducing flip-flops using Spartan XCS10

    Post your HDL code so that we can see what's wrong. Also which synthesis tool are you using.
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    lots of spice simulators available

    Nice to see some talk on tools instead of `I need that - what is it?' and `me too' posts. As well as the tools you have mentioned I would recommend S/i/m/e/t/r/i/x for analogue design. It costs a fraction of the other tools, and post sales support is excellent (it is developed and supported by...

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