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    H.264 hardware Encoder

    h264 hardware encoder hi, also see this discussion on forum good reference for understanding h.264 is the special issue of july 2003 of IEEE transactions on circuits and systems.I am also attaching overview of h.264 hope u all find it useful...
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    How to generate a psuedoe random sequence?

    hi, you can go through a chapter on random number generation in a book by populis "Probability, Random Variables, and Stochastic Processes".You can find c code for random number generation in "numerical recipes in c" it is available online.If u r interested in mcu implementation of it check...
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    hardware decoder for bit stream of MPEG-4/H.264

    hi, that's true as far as their software is concerned! i am talking about the hardware chip that they are providing it is capable of encoding/decoding mpeg4.Also their software version is no longer available. pimr
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    about video encoding and decoding

    hi, the relationship is H.261 -> MPEG1 H.262-> MPEG2 H.263 -> MPEG4 part 2(in short header mode) and H.264 = MPEG4 part 10
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    hardware decoder for bit stream of MPEG-4/H.264

    hi, currently four companies are providing hardware solutions as far as i know,they are broadcom,conexant,sigma design and ST micro. Any one of them can be used. pimr
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    mpeg4 encoder/decoder asic chip

    mpeg4 asic hi, does anyone know about asic for mpeg4 encoder/decoder(not an ip core!)?please share it with me thanks pimr
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    why is mpeg4 superior to mpeg1,2 in compression ratio

    mpeg1 and mpeg-2 use run length encoding whereas mpeg4 uses arithmetic coding this leads to added computatioal coplexity but better compression than the earlier standards,secondly the quantization coefficients are optimized in mpeg4 which further leads to better comression as compared to other...

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