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    Bidrectional transmission in coaxial cable with RF and power

    Hello every one, I have a question regarding bidirectional transmission with RF and power in a coaxial cable. Is it possible to pass a RF signal from one end and a DC voltage from another end of a coaxial cable. I gone through the older posts before posting this question. Those responses are...
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    Antistatic wristband strap

    Hello, I want to know how an anti-static wrist strap will ground the charge of our body. I found a five line contacts on the band which has no relation with each other. so there comes this doubt.It will be helpful if I got the answer for it. thanks in advance.
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    [SOLVED] how handset detects the operator

    I got this doubt when I am studying about mobile technologies. " How mobile handset will detect the operator when you change your sim. As each operator has his own frequency then how handset will able switch immediately having only one duplex antenna." Thanks in advance
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    [General] FMC standard I/O voltage levels

    Hi, Here is another new question. I came across FMC connector in one of the projects I involved. can any one guide me what is it? and the I/O levels of the standard (which is VITA 57.1.as I have seen) Thanks to all Bhagavan
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    [SOLVED] EMI/EMc test doubt clarification

    `Hai every one, Can any one help me to reduce the noise with PCB for RE103 and CE102 tests. I don't have a much time to change my design and going for another new PCB. And i want to know whether it is possible to reduce the noise with out altering the design. Thanking you
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    Eager to know about EMI EMC tests for PCB

    Hello, I want to know about the RS103 standard EMI EMC test in detail. And also can I use the ordinary power cables for this test. My circuits runs on 9- 32 V Thnaks for all for your support
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    [PIC] problem with reset for uart tx

    Hi every one, I am facing a problem with reset of my DSPIC33FJ128GP802 controller board. I am try transmit data 0x31,0x32,0x33,0x34 using uart. my problem is when I dumped the programm using ICD3 intially it showing 82 9F etc which are irrelevant. But upon reset it shows the correct values. I...
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    pcb shorting problem

    Hello every one, I am currently facing a shorting problem with small two layer pcb. The pcb has pic dsp 33 version controlloer, temperature sensor, and two opamps. we r supplying 18-36 V from which we taking 3.3 and 2.5V using regultors. My problem is PCB is very compact one and...
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    Factors to be considered in Digital design for a protocol

    Hello every one, Please help me in understanding of Digital cicuit design. What are the factors should be considered while designing a Board particularly for Communication protocol. For example Time delay of ICS etc., Please send me the link if any, Thanking you, Regards, Bhagavan
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    Routing of CLk to two IC clks input

    Hello Every body, I came acroos a problem stated below while interfacing two ICS to one IC and none of them are Controller. "I need to give the clock to IC2 or IC3 whichever is selected" now my doubt is how to achieve that. If I given a clock to unselected pin what will happen. one of my...
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    routing of AD lines from one IC to two or more ICS.

    Hello every one, I have doubt while observering many Schematics. In one of the schematics i gone through one having 32 Pins for address and data is routed to two ICS having 32 Pins for ADD and data through only one bus. Is it possible, if yes please. Is the same way we connect on PCB. help me...
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    ORCAD 16.3 liescence problem

    Hello every one, I am using orcad 16.3 version. recently I formated my computer and re installed the orcad. But its Giving Demo version saying that the License is not valid. I did the all the things but the same problem repeats. Please help me to crossover this problem Thanks. Regards...
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    [SOLVED] working of PLC 9030 from PLX

    hello every one, can any body help me in understanding of PLC 9030 of PLX technology working. Thanks to every one. Regards, Bhagavan.
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    Power divioder power rating

    hello everybody, how to define a dynamic range of a power amplifier. I gone through the POZAR text book for POWER divider but failed to found it. Please help me regarding this. Thanking you all
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    Guide lines for designing RF power amplifier

    Hello every body, I am new to both EDA board and RF. I want to know the factors to be considered while selecting an Amplifier for a particular application. While discussing with my friend I am eager to design a my own power amplifier.So, I am requesting to guide me to do this with your...

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