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    Execute the Code from RAM in ARM Processors

    Hi All, I find some sort of dificulty in running the code in RAM for ARM Processor. I use LPC2106 and the compiler is Keil uVision 3 Evaluation software. I did the following set up in the Keil uVision IDE. In the Location " Options -> LA Locate -> User Classes " I added...
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    How about using two RS-232 in PIC

    rs232 18f8722 Hi All, I think it is possible to use 2 UARTS in PIC. I am using pic18f8722. I use CCSC pcwh compiler. Has anyone tried this before? What is the maximum baudrate supported by the PIC? I want to try 19200. Actually my project involves 3 UARTS. Any help is appreciated...
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    Problem with interfacing PIC with SID13305 in 320X240 GLCD display

    Hi All I am interfacing PIC with SID13305 in 320X240 GLCD display. I use ccsc compiler with PIC18f6722. I am using the driver file sed1335.c. I am able to initilize and write to the LCD. But the reading the display memory is not proper. I think I need to use a pull down for datalines...
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    How to implement both I2C and SPI in PIC microcontrollers?

    I2C SPI Simultaneously Hi Has anyone tried by implementing both I2c and SPI in PIC microcontrollers Please let me know how u have implemented. I need to use both. The pins are sharing between them. Regards
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    How to use CAN in PIC microcontrollers

    Hi Has anybody worked with CAN? I want to use CAN in PIC microcontrollers. I want some suggestions Regards Gopi
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    PIC I/O Port Expansion

    pic port expander Hi all I think I can use 74XX165 for input port expansion in PIC microcontroller. But I want to know wether can I use any number of 74XX165 ICs for INput Port Expansion I have to use 250 devices for 2000 Inputs. I plan to use PIC18f452 and use the SPI for the Input Port...
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    Opinions on SLE66C42P Smart Card

    sle66c42p Hi Any one heard abt SLE66C42P Regards Gopi
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    Help me with a PIC code for SLE4428

    sle4428 pic hi all Any one working on SLE4428 . interfacing it with any of the microcontroller . I am using PIC. Can any one help me i am able to read but verifying PSC and writing is headach for me can any one suggest me how to overcome this problem. Regards Gopi
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    Optimal refreshing rate for 7-segment Displays

    Hi I am using 3, 7-segment Displays Constructed with number of small LEDs I am finding it difficult for setting the optimal refreshing rate. Can any one help. Thanks Regards Gopi
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    External Program memory in PIC

    Hi How to use External Program memory in PIc and ram as well. and how to map them Bye Gopi
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    How to create .dll files using compilers?

    How to create .dll files hi all How to create .dll files Regards Gopi
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    Is there any 3rd party IDE for ANX RTOS?

    qnx ide hi all is there is any 3rd party IDE for ANX RTOS REgards Gopi
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    What is the repeater needed for expanding RS-485 network?

    REpeater in RS-485? I have PC connected over a Rs-485 network now I want to expand the network Currently I have 5 devices. To expand the network I heard we should use repeater. What is that repeater. Can anyone please explain?? Regards Gopi
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    CAN IC with PIC18F458

    hi Which CAN transiever IC is simple suitable for PIC18F458 Can any one suggest?? Bye gopi
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    PIC18F4210 Program with PICALLW

    Hi all How to update the device.ini file for PIC18f4210. Can Anyone help me please?
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    Compiling UCOS-ii with BCC-5.5

    bcc32 ucos Hi all I tried to compile UCOS-ii version 2.52 but failed . Can any one help me out. What are the rules that to be followed. I think I require a TASM . I am not clear how to build a application for a X86 target. Please Help me. Gopi
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    How to start building own RTOS for PIC and Atmel MCU?

    building rtos Hi All I use PIC MCU and Have knowledgs in Atmel MCU Can I Develop a Preemptive RTOS to be ported for both the MCUs. In fact I dream to develop a common RTOS for 8-bit MCUs. From Which point I should get started? I have worked in ucos-ii. Gopi
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    Personlization of Smart Cards

    Hi Can anyone explain what Personlization of Smart Cards means

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