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    Origianl Shot noise paper

    Does anyone has a pdf of original Shot noise paper by Schottky-: AU: W. Schottky TI: Über spontane Stromschwankungen in verschiedenen Elektrizitätsleitern SO: Annalen der Physik VL: 362 NO: 23 PG: 541-567 YR: 1918 CP: Copyright © 1918 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim ON: 1521-3889 PN...
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    Temperature Sensor for 4 Kelvin

    The lower limit of these sensors is greater than 4 kelvin which is equal to -269 degree celcius. I need to something that will go to that cryogenic temperautres.
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    Temperature Sensor for 4 Kelvin

    Please, can you tell me more? What kind and do you have alink to the specs?
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    Temperature Sensor for 4 Kelvin

    Hi , I need to do some gain measurements of my MESFET amplifier at around 4 Kelvin. To measure the temperature I was hoping to buy Silicon diodes from Lakeshore - just realized that they are very expensive ($500 bucks for the calibrated ones). Is there a way i can rig up something in the lab...
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    Coax for vacuum application

    Hi, Does anyone know if i can get some kind of caox cable for UH - vacuum applications?
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    How to do noise analysis in Cadence?(50 points)

    cadence transient noise Hi, Section 2-23 of the PSpice A/D Schematics Version User's Guide describes very nicely witha n example how to do the noise analysis. You can access the manuals clicking on help-> manuals in the Top menu of the Capture-CIS.
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    Methods for TTL line protection

    Re: TTL line protection Hi, What about using the opto-isolators? Have you thought about them.
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    GaAs FET with linear channel

    I have to design a preamp using GaAs FETs which will sit in a very strong magnetic field 14 Tesla. The magnetic field (B) if at an angle to the channel will exert a force to the flow of charge carriers from Drain to source. To avoid this I plan to align the FET channel in the direction of the...
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    Killer Input capacitance

    Thanks Suria, I want to try the folded cascode. I read few things about folded cascode however, it is still not clear how it wld isolate the input capacitance in BW determination - for my TIA. Please if you have a reference to any article/books. PS: My signal frequencies of interest are 10 KHz -...
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    Killer Input capacitance

    hi, I am designing a transimpedance amplifier which needs to amplify around 100pA of current to few mVs , the signal frequency is from 10Khz to 10 Mhz. I start with a 1M ohm resistor to convert this current into voltage and use a FET in a source follower configuration for pre-amplification. My...
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    Protecting my Analog output card

    thanks guys very useful information for me. Though, one more question, i found these Channel protector lying in my lab. https://www.analog.com/en/prod/0%2C2877%2CADG467%2C00.html Can i use these in series with my signal wires? The good thing is in one package i can have 8 channels protected...
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    Protecting my Analog output card

    hi guys, I have an Analog output card which is generating +/- 10 volt, and drives a metal plate in my instrument. This metal plate which is basically a load capacitor of around 20 pF, can sometimes have transient voltage from pick up. I want to protect my AO signal channels from these high...
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    Help me make a simple charging circuit for a motorcycle battery

    Re: Urgent help Thanks Jorgito, I have connected the battery in parallel with a regulated dc power supply i have. The bike manual says that to keep the charging rate 1.1A X 10hrs. So i have limited the current from my power supply to 1.1 Amps. Though the voltage is only 12.6 volts. If i want to...
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    Help me make a simple charging circuit for a motorcycle battery

    Hi Guys, My motorcycle battery just died. It shows 9 volts instead of 12 volts. I need to rig up a simple charging circuit in the lab. I have dc power supplies and resistors and some npns. Please help
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    How to reduce the noise in BJT and FET?

    Re: reduce the noise Besides using circuit design techniques for low noise application such as source impedance matching, you can reduce thermal noise in the preamps by cooling the circuit itself. People have used dry ice and also liquid helium to aprox. 4 K. But then you have to select the...
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    Differential amplifier Question

    differential amplifier question hi, I am making a differntial amplifier, and the circuit i am trying is attached as a Pdf. In my simulations when i probe the voltage at the collector of Q1 and Q3 i see they are in phase. If i remove the second stage (AD797) they are fine in quadrature with each...
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    Oscillator not oscillating

    thanks for your comments. I did my measurements of current as i told you. Now, i want to calculate the dc and the ac current in emiitter, collector and base of BUH51. Is there a way to estimate it analytically, to justify the trace widths on the PCB? Please help.
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    Biasing the cascode pair

    Sorry for being a real pain guys. Still i don't get one thing. Ok, let me tell you how i am trying to bias the design. Just take resistor values to be Rd1 and Rd2. VG3=VG4=0 volts. I want the Q3 and Q4 to be biased at VGS = -0.6 and VDS = 3.5 volts. (IDS ~ 10 mAmps for these bias values) So we...
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    Oscillator not oscillating

    Thanks a lot Borber, I did my dc current measurements at the 215 volt supply. For Output voltage 400 p-p at the secondary of the transformer, i measured the DC current drawn is around 113 mA. So the power dissipation comes out to be 6 watts/ transistor. I might sometime use 1000 volts p-p...
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    Biasing the cascode pair

    Humumgus, I was implying do we have to bias such that VDS > VGS- Vth, to keep JFETs in the constant current region.

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