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    Comparator-Based Switched-Capacitor

    Dear all I'm designing an Integrator with CBSC. in CBSC circuit, we have control signals (e.g. E1, E2 and S ) that generate by signal generator circuit. I searched many references for that but I didn't find any things. can any body help me and give me a schematic for signal generator circuit in...
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    I need a BSIM3v3 library for de3sign

    BSIM3v3 Library Hi I need a BSIM3v3 library for de3sign. can anyone help me that I download it? or anyone upload it in any where or here and download it? I need it urgently. please give me that thanks for anyone that help me about this problem.
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    Analog circuits design in ic5141

    Hi does anybody have a document to design analog circuits in cadence? for example i need to design a fully differential op amp in ic5141. I need to schematic simulation and pass DRC and LVS role in layout. I want a document that description how can i design basic analog circuits? Best regrads
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    Assura problem in IC5141 on RedHat9: failed to open shared object file

    Hi all I installed IC5141 and Assura3.13 in Redhat9 but i can't use the assura in IC5141.When I want to run my layout, in icfb window, I have a this warning: *WARNING* Failed to open shared object file /.../tools/assura/libavview.so after this message, icfb tell me that it can't open the...
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    Problems with installation of IC5141 in RHEL 3

    Hi all I want install IC5141 in RHEL3 but i have problems. first, I install cad and cad update.i don't know that fist i must do configure products or license configure.please guide me about that. second,for license configure, where must i put my license and what's my license name?because when i...
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    Gm/Id methodology design for CMOS

    design of cmos amplifiers using gm/id method hi all i need some information about how cmos circuits was design by Gm/Id method. please send me document about this topic. best regards
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    switched-current circuits

    heelo all I need anything about Switched-current circuits. I need noise in fisrt gerenration and second generation in switched-current circuits. I need it immidiately best regards
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    how to calculate LAMBDA from level 49,53 model file parametr

    calculate lambda Hello I think that this document help you for calculating lambda.please see it. Good Luck
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    PLease Vote: Electronics Engineer Vs Computer Engineer

    I Like ELECTRONIC.That is a good engineering.
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    Design Folded Cascode with same input and output DC voltage

    Hello I Want to design a folded cascode amplifier with Vdd=1.2 and Vss=0 and input and output dc voltage=0.6. I use following circuit.This is my problem that i suppose input dc voltage =0.6 but gain is not >60. My technology file in TSMC 0.13um.Vth=0.45. please help me. best regards
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    which CMFB type is valid for pipeline ADC

    continouse cmfb in better than sc cmfb in folded cascode amplifier.
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    comparators with 1.8V power supply

    where do this comparator use?
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    Help me design an op-amp for an integrator circuit in 12-bit ADC

    opamp integrator This problem occure when output dc voltage and input dc voltage are not similar.example output dc voltage is 0.6 but input dc voltage is 0.this create error in feedback.for resolve this problem,you must set output dc voltage and input dc voltage ,similar. second way is that use...
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    How to define and Sigma Delta Converter comparator gain?

    in the comparator circuit,use ac in input and run ac analysis.plot output with bode plot. this way is same way for amplifier gain.
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    How to calculate SNR with FFT?

    I want to calculate SNR for sigma-delta modulator.I know that i will require to calculating FFT but I don't know that how I can calculate SNR with FFT.:cry: thank you
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    designing of folded cascode

    I want to design a folded cascode amplifier with gain>70dB. I can design it with gain=62db.please help me for increasing gain.[/b]

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