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    Where to download liberty parser from Synopsys?

    I used to download the source code from https://www.opensourceliberty.org, but I couldn't find the link here now. Does Synopsys completely give up this tool?
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    Is there a static RTL coverage analyze tool?

    Hi, guru: I wrote some RTL code, is there a quick way to tell me if there is any dead zone in the RTL w/o running any vector based Verilog simulation? For example, if I accidentally tied clock input to a flop, I want to see some message like "The output of this flop will never toggle" I...
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    How to measure reference clock to q delay in hold sweep?

    Hi, I try to sweep hold time (latency between data and clock edges for a flop) and measure the impact on clock -> output q delay vclk clk 0 pwl (0ps 0v 20.0ns 0v '20.0ns+clk_slew' vdd_sup '30.0ns+clk_slew' vdd_sup '30.0ns+2*clk_slew' 0v '40.0ns+2*clk_slew' 0v '40.0ns+3*clk_slew' vdd_sup) vd...
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    Anyone is using Liberty Parser?

    I am using Liberty Parser 2.5 from Synopsys to parse and process liberty files. There is a Perl interface in the package so I use it to make my programming easy. However, I found one issue in in this Perl interface: it's good to read .lib but when it comes to write out a modified liberty to a...
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    Convert verilog gate netlist to hspice transistor netlist?

    transistor netlist We tried nettran or icfb to convert a verilog gate-level netlist to spice transistor level netlist. However, we found these tools need the transistor information for standard cells to perform a complete translation. Otherwise, they simply do the syntax converting. Can anyone...
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    How to use SolvNet properly

    I just register a SolvNet account using my company's email and siteID. It seems that there are many softwares downloadable and many documents/trainings too. Anyone can tell me what's the proper (legal) way to take advantage of these resources? Thanks a lot!
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    How to dump spice netlist in Astro?

    spf netlist Someone on this forum said this can be done in Calibre but I don't have it. I found that the parasitic R, Cs can be export in Astro, but not the design itself. Maybe I missed something in Astro or I have to do it with some other tools? Thanks for help!
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    Understanding synthesis library

    Anyone knows how to read out the information in the synthesis library for desgin compiler? It is not in the text format. Thanks!
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    How much is the switching activity factor?

    What's the resonable assumption of switching activity factor "alpha" or it's very application specific? Note: Pdyn = alpha * CL * Vdd^2 * f for dynamic power consumption Thanks a lot!
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    How does Vth scale down with technology nodes

    I think the Vth should go down when scaling down to deeper sub-micron technology nodes for shorter channels and etc. but Predictive Technology Model (PTM) assumes in the contrary direction **broken link removed** from 130nm to 22nm BSIM4 models, the vth0 parameter in model cards goes from...
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    A basic question on Verilog simulation

    In IEEE standard 1364, it says the following code module test; wire p; reg q; assign p = q; initial begin q = 1; #1 q = 0; $display("At time: %t, the value is %f\n", $realtime, p); end endmodule could either display p as a "1" or "0". I can't understand why. #1 q = 0...
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    A verilog VPI problem

    Hi, everyone: I have a verilog code : module test; reg a, b, ci, clk; wire sum, co; addbit i1 (a, b, ci, sum, co); initial begin $set_delays(i1.a, 2.3, 2.4, 2.5); #1 $finish; end endmodule module addbit (a, b, ci, sum, co); input a, b, ci; output sum, co...
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    Leading ASIC design companies in USA

    Can anyone provide a list of such companies? thanks a lot
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    A Verilog VPI problem

    xxtern I am using ncverilog (LDV4) to run a simulation with VPI functions (loadvpi option) but get the following errrors: ncsim: relocation error: ./libvpi.so: undefined symbol: vpi_get_userdata I checked vpi_get_userdata prototype in vpi_user.h: XXTERN void *vpi_get_userdata...
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    A problem on PLI for Verilog

    acc_fetch_delays I am using PLI1.0 for NCVerilog in a simple design but getting some errors. Here is my PLI function in C: int my_timing() { handle gate; double new_rise, new_fall; acc_initialize(); acc_configure(accToHiZDelay, "max"); gate = acc_handle_tfarg(1)...
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    How to initialize a memory in Quartus

    the "initial" has been disabled. How to initial a piece of memory like: reg [8:0] data[0:256]; Thanks a lot!
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    Map design to Logic Elements or DSPs?

    I have a filter design in verilog and I want to compile it to Altera Stratix. In Quartus II, I have an option that can balance mapping to Logic Elements or DSPs. If I choose LEs, no DSP will be used. All calculations are implmented in logics. If I choose DSP, most calculations will be mapped to...
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    Is this result reasonable?

    Design compiler reports the area is 117,000um2. After P&R, the area measured is 67,000um2, only half of the DC's estimation! Is this reasonable?
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    How to see the value of memory type in Quartus II

    I have a memory type signal: wire signed [25:0] product[0:63]; when I try to add it to my waveform to see the value, some problem shows up: whenever I add total node "product" or one element "product[0]", the simulation always tells "can not find the node..." Can anyone tell me how to add a...
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    How to dump data out of simulation in Quartus?

    I know it's pretty easy in other simulators like ncverilog, vcs. But Quartus simply ignores a lot of system tasks like "$fdisplay". If I need to dump an output from simulation into a data file instead of show it in the waveform, what can I do? Thanks a lot~

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