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    Energy meter - help needed

    Thanks, any help would be apreciated!
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    Energy meter - help needed

    Maybe a PIC16F877A, or a gsm/gprs development board, like olimex PIC-GSM...
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    Energy meter - help needed

    Hi. The control i want to do is realy simple actualy. I just want to start and stop the energy flow (based on SMS received by the GSM/GPRS module). But at the same time i need to do the metering, to know V, I, etc..
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    Energy meter - help needed

    Hello everyone. I'm starting my project that consists in a GSM/GPRS module that controls the flow of energy in a circuit. My idea is to use a GSM/GPRS with integrated microcontroller module, connected to a second module, a energy meter (in my case CS5463). This 2 modules would connect with...

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