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    PCB COVERED with GREEN Stuff.

    The Green layer is called as soldermask layer, it gives permanent protection to copper traces.
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    Ethernet differential pair routing

    Hi every one, In Ethernet protocol routing, where differential pair signal should be routing either top layer or bottom layer? What is the guidelines of Ethernet protocol signals.
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    difference between analog and digital board designing?

    Anybody tell me what is the difference between analog and digital boards designing? In single board why separating analog circuit and digital circuit.
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    [MOVED] How to decide layer stack up in PCB

    Can any body help me How to decide layer stack up in Multi layer designing?
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    Netlist import information

    Can any body help me, can we import netlist in Altium?
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    Importing PCAD files in Altium?

    pcb-->FILE---> IMPORT WIZARD, Here press next button then ypu will get files to import, here you can select P-CAD designs and librarie files, and add files what ever you want import into ALTIUM. try this one, it can be help to you.
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    Reverse engineering board in Alitum

    yes i need PCB from gerber files. - - - Updated - - - what are the special components?
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    Need ISP1301 chip footprint

    No i tried to import , but i got this error.
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    Need ISP1301 chip footprint

    No, .ALG that is also allegro PCB file format.
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    Need ISP1301 chip footprint

    ok i can try. - - - Updated - - - If you dont mind can you provide file in .AlG format
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    Need ISP1301 chip footprint

    yeah i tried, but it can support only for Schmatics and Pcb not for Library files(.dra)
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    Reverse engineering board in Alitum

    Hi, Anyone know how to do reverse engineering board in Altium software, can I make schematics and new pcb design from it? Can anybody suggest me?
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    pcb board thickness and copper thickness.

    hi How I came to know about copper thickness and board thickness in PCB?
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    Using ports and Netalias?

    Ports and Net lables , both are using for connection conectivity , not only with in the sheet it can connect multi sheets also, so no problem you can use any one.
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    Need ISP1301 chip footprint

    Sorry Kapil this .DRA file not able to support for imported into Altium, what can i do?
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    Altium top-middle-bottom vias in design rules

    Atlium dont have particular option , via should place for multi layers only. But if you want different sizes of vias in same board, just go through pcb-->design-->rules--> routing via style, here you can assign minimum, maximum and preffered via sizes. And change via sizes individually
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    Outline from the gerber/pdf/dxf

    Press 'L' on pcb, In mechanical layers just enble mechanical layer 16. And paste any pdf/ text file on PCB, just doble click on that from layers we can select Mechanical layers 16.

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